And Finally…Glorifying God Even in Death and Sorrow [A Video Tribute to Pastor Chuck Smith]

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When I was in college, I wandered into a tent invited by a friend…where a Christian concert and church service were being held. That’s where I not only accepted the Lord, but I received powerful teaching for over a decade from Pastor Chuck Smith and some of the great Bible teachers. Pastor Chuck integrated cultural and political issues but always … Read More

Pastor Greg Laurie on Life, Death and Heaven – A Powerful Message for Those Hurt From Loss

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Normally I would not post someone else’s work. However, this is an exception. Someone very near to me is about ready to die, and his mother is heartbroken. Pastor Greg Laurie has written a powerful commentary about life, death and heaven…and especially how it impacts those who have lost a child. I think you will want to share this powerful … Read More

Celebrate Thanksgiving with Abraham Lincoln’s Proclamation: American Time of Death, Destruction, and Fear

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As Thanksgiving approaches, bless someone with Abraham Lincoln’s “Thanksgiving Proclamation.” Some of our readers may wish to read part or all at your Thanksgiving dinner…if that’s “legal” in your community. President Lincoln gave this at one of the worst years in American history – with death, destruction and fear for the future. See the proclamation below: Washington, D.C.October 3, 1863 By the … Read More