Heads Spin as President Trump Shocks the World with Israel Proclamation: What Pastors are Saying

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President Trump shocked the world … again. This time because he signed a declaration supporting the official recognition of Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights. Heads are spinning… The UN said, “Don’t do it.” Socialist Democrats said, “Don’t do it.” Iran and the militant Palestinians said, “Don’t do it!” He did it. The last time I visited the Golan Heights, … Read More

Media and the Left Outraged: U.S. Withdraws from Politically Biased-Against-Israel UN Human Rights Council [Video] [Petition]

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The progressive Democrats and the media are outraged that the Trump administration has withdrawn the U.S. from the UN Human Rights Council. Rep. Nita M. Lowey (D-NY) called the withdrawal “another isolationist maneuver in its foreign policy strategy that is weakening U.S. global leadership.” Senate Foreign Relations Committee member Christopher A. Coons (D-DE) said the withdrawal sends a clear message … Read More

Israel Under Attack: 10 Surprising Truths About the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict the Media is Hiding or Distorting

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The progressive media, the UN, and many U.S. politicians are attacking Israel … as the Palestinians have escalated their all-out assault against the existence of the Jewish nation. There are vast differences between our western culture and the cultures of the Middle East and the Far East … and it’s important that we understand and respect those differences. If you … Read More

Evangelical Pastors Participate in Jerusalem Embassy Opening – Media, Palestinians and Liberals Going Crazy – 10 Things You Should Know About Israel and the Palestinians [Video]

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When I met with Donald Trump in New York – along with many major evangelical leaders – he made a promise. His promise: the U.S. Embassy in Israel would be moved to where it should have been from the beginning – to Israel’s capital, Jerusalem. Promise kept. Despite intense opposition and criticism, the right thing has happened. Here are 10 … Read More

Iran: 7 Shocking Things to Know About the Media Lies, U.S. Moral Leadership and the Hope for a New Iran [videos]

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The Iranian people have had enough… Things were supposed to get better after the U.S. lifted economic sanctions and sent $1.7 billion to the Iranian government as part of the 2015 “nuclear deal.” But unemployment is still 40% for young Iranians in the 15 to 29 age group … and the freedom of speech enjoyed by their Western counterparts is … Read More

Jerusalem: Understanding Why the Liberal Media and Anti-Semitics Are Saying “Christians” Are Crazy Over U.S. Embassy Move (video and petition)

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Christians are being called “crazy” for supporting moving the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Why? For example, MSNBC commentator Chris Mathews lashed out at Christian evangelicals and their “crazy ideas about Israel which is (sic), I don’t know, mythical,” blaming them for President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Other commentators mocked … Read More

Heads Spinning: 12 Shocking Things Every Christian Should Know About U.S. Embassy Moving to Jerusalem

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The world is in shock because of Donald Trump… Boldly, defiantly and dramatically declaring that the U.S. is moving its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. This is historic…this is monumental. The backlash against this major disruption in foreign policy is coming from: The media The Deep State and professional politicians The Palestinians The anti-Jewish/pro-Muslim/anti-Semitic groups All of these are … Read More