Christians are the Most Persecuted Faith in the World

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According to the Pew Christin Research Center, Christians in 153 countries face varying degrees of discrimination, violence and death. Sadly, few pastors talk about it. The media ignores it. And the politicians mostly don’t care. In communist countries, like Cuba, China and North Korea, the communist leaders are made out to be gods and socialism – their religion. Right now … Read More

Miracle Escape: The Little Known Story of How the Haitian Missionary Hostages Escaped Their Captors – 5 Things Every Christian Should Know

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It’s a miracle. There’s no other way to describe it. You see, 12 missionaries held captive in Haiti have escaped their brutal captors and are safely back in the US. How they escaped – not rescued – will make for an incredible movie someday. Indeed, their rescue is to the glory of God and shows His power and love today … Read More

America At War? How Biden Has Made This the Most Dangerous Time in Our History [Interview/Podcast with Jeff Stein]

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  America is more unsafe than at any time in our history. What President Biden has done is create a nightmare set up for a massive world upheaval. I just got off the air with Jeff Stein as we discussed what has become the most dangerous time in our history. President Biden is perceived to be weak by leaders in … Read More