Set Free: How One Homosexual Was Transformed by God’s Love [Video]

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Heartbroken over his parent’s divorce, and feeling rejected after his father remarries, Joshua turned to homosexuality. “I just tried to mess around with guys to try to find love and fulfillment where I was broken and where I felt rejected, and that just caused me to hang out with a lot of the wrong people,” he said. The drug and … Read More

Transgender Battle Grows: The Uncomfortable Truth [Shocking Video About Kindergarteners]

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If you think you’re confused about the whole transgender issue, so are state and federal governments. Some cities say that transgenders can’t be required to prove their gender to use a public restroom. Others say denying transgender people the right to use a gender-identity-appropriate restroom violates their nondiscrimination laws. How do you see this issue? Back when she was Attorney … Read More

Transgender Kindergarten: Social Engineering Gone Mad: ‘Could I Turn Into a Boy?’ [Videos]

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A teacher at Rocklin Gateway Academy in California had this brilliant idea. She would talk to her small students about transgender identity. She would then reveal their classmate who switched from being a boy to being a girl, with the student changing clothes. She would read to them from the controversial book, “I Am Jazz,” the story of a transgender … Read More