How The Radical Left Mobilizes and Misleads By Deceit, Lies and Half-Truths – 7 Things You Should Know About the Falsely Called “Don’t Say Gay” Controversy [Must See Videos]

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The media. Big Tech. Big Corporations. Politicians. Activist organizations. They are all mobilizing opposition to Governor Ron DeSantis’ bill that stops radical teachers, school administrators, and school board members from brainwashing 5-,6-, and 7- year-olds…and abusing parental rights. And it’s a classic example of how the radical pro-socialists are able to defeat what they don’t like…or advance their agenda. They … Read More

Hidden Shocking Epidemic: Sex Change Being Pushed on Young Girls and Boys [Video]

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There is a hidden and shocking epidemic across America few know about…a historic transgender spike among the young. It’s shocking and disturbing that students in college, high school, middle school and even elementary school have suddenly, and in great numbers, begun to move towards transgenderism. How did this happen? What are the causes and what can be done? Across America, … Read More

LGBT Brainwashing of Children Escalates: 4 Disturbing Examples Showing the Urgent Need for Christians to Teach Truth to Your Kids and Grandkids [Video]

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The LGBT brainwashing and exploitation of children continues to escalate. Here are 4 disturbing examples showing how kids are being brainwashed that the LGBT lifestyle is a moral good that should be applauded, promoted and experimented with…and 4 ways churches, pastors, and grandparents are responding. The media has long been an advocate for LGBT acceptances among adults, but now it’s … Read More