The Dark Oppressive Cloud of Fear: 5 Reasons Why Doctors and Scientists Are Forced to be Compliant or Silent

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Across America, there is a dark cloud of fear that lingers over the medical establishment. Doctors and scientists have been afraid to speak out for truth or express an alternate point of view – more so than at any time in American history. The national repression of the free expression of opposing ideas is something that has circumvented the First … Read More

Federal Bureaucrat Worth Over $10 Million Dollars. What?: 6 Strange Things You Should Know About Dr. Fauci Becoming a Multimillionaire on a Government Salary

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Dr. Fauci’s net worth is well over $10 million dollars. How could this happen to someone who worked for the government his entire life? Government employees work for a salary, usually above the private sector. They get a generous health insurance program and retirement fund. But you don’t become a multimillionaire by working for the federal government. Or do you? … Read More

A Crime Against Humanity: The FDA/CDC Suppression of Alternative Therapies Exposed by Prominent Doctor

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Dr. Pierre Kory was interviewed recently and talked about how a half-million people may have died needlessly of COVID. He called it “a crime against humanity.” Why? It was because of the FDA/CDC, the Biden administration, and Dr. Fauci’s single focus on experimental vaccinations to stop infection or transmission of COVID-19. What was dismissed were existing medications that showed promise … Read More