Unfairly Censored by YouTube

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YouTube has unfairly censored our video with Christian civil rights attorney Brad Dacus of the Pacific Justice Institute. That “canceling” of our video is bad news for getting the message out. But I do have good news. You can now see it on Rumble, click HERE. In the video, Brad and I discuss the two legal and ethical ways to opt … Read More

Special Report: Forced Vaccinations/Emergency Guidance for Legally Opting Out [Video]

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Across America, employees, students, and military are being told: Get a vaccination or get fired… Get a vaccination or don’t come to school Get a vaccination or you’re dishonorably discharged It’s terrifying. It’s unamerican. It’s happening now. But there is a path to keeping your job, staying in school, and staying in the military…legally. And it’s free. I just got … Read More