Christian Doctor: Evaluating the Risk/Reward of Getting the COVID-19 Vaccination [TV Interview/Video]

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Dr. Sherri Tenpenny gives one of the best short explanations of the three COVID-19 vaccinations. Should you get a vaccination? What are the risks? In life, everything is a risk/reward evaluation. For some, they don’t want to know about the risk of the vaccination. They just want it as fast as they can. For others, the President said get it, … Read More

COVID-19 Vaccinations: Victim of Government Bureaucracy [3 Reasons the Media Won’t Tell You]

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More than 27 million doses of the vaccination have been created. But only 33.7% of the doses have been given out. Some vaccinations have been in the freezer too long and have been destroyed. What is the problem? It’s the bureaucracy, an example of governmental control and Socialism at work. We often refer to this as the Deep State, meaning … Read More

Hypocrisy: Coronavirus…Double-Standards and a Christian’s Response [Video]

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So much nonsense…everywhere. This is a spiritual battle – warfare before our eyes. Society and culture alike are confused by hearing from so called “experts,” biased media, and politicians. Here is a powerful video interview – almost 7 minutes – with Dinesh D’Souza and Jack Brewer.  You need to listen closely to Jack and his call to Christians to stand … Read More

WEARING OR NOT WEARING A MASK: 6 Things You Should Know About Health Risks That the Media and Politicians Aren’t Telling You.

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I’ve received so many emails, posts and comments about my article, the Great Political Divide: Controversy Divides and Creates Growing Social and Political Strife.  Some angry.  Some loving it. My article was really talking about the political and social aspects of mask wearing. Masks are becoming a political symbol. But what about the science on wearing a mask or not?  … Read More

Vaccines and Parental Rights: Why Socialist Politicians Are Replacing Choice with Government Mandates – 7 Things You Should Know

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How much risk should a child be compelled to take to potentially save the life of another child? Parents are increasingly being told they don’t have the right to ask this question … much less have any say in answering it for their own children. A recent measles outbreak of 1,200 cases has triggered the demand for stricter vaccine laws … Read More

Christians Solving the Medical Debt Crisis: Government Bureaucracy is Not the Answer [Videos]

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Medical debt is one of the greatest problems facing Americans today… It causes thousands to declare bankruptcy every year. It’s one of the top issues voters are concerned about for the 2020 elections. There are two different philosophical, political, and economic approaches to addressing this problem: 1. The American solution of volunteerism and freedom. This approach believes individuals and the … Read More