Supreme Court Victory for Christian Student

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A Georgia college student fought back against unconstitutional discrimination and won. He was told by the school he couldn’t distribute Christian literature. He fought back against unconstitutional discrimination and won. In a 8-1 decision, Chuck Uzuegbunam won…and the college changed its policies. It’s a major win for free speech and religious expression. Sadly, while strict constructionists and even the judicial … Read More

Supreme Court: Governor Newsom, Lower Courts and County Violate First Amendment Right to Have Indoor Worship Services – Another Victory!

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The U.S. Supreme Court slammed California Santa Clara County’s ban on indoor worship services. And they slammed the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals for ignoring their earlier rulings. The Supreme Court in February had already told California it can’t ban indoor church services. But Santa Clara County wouldn’t obey… and the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals wouldn’t obey. But the … Read More

Ominous Warning: Supreme Court Judge on Government Overreach, Lockdowns, and Liberty

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In a rare speech, a U.S. Supreme Court Judge gave a rare but ominous warning. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito – a strict constructionist – warned about the lockdowns, church restrictions and growing political control of people and businesses. In a recent speech to the 2020 National Lawyers Convention, Alito said, “The pandemic has resulted in previously unimaginable restrictions on … Read More

U.S. Supreme Court Victory: 7 Things Every Christian Should Know About Opening Up the Churches

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The Supreme Court has just ruled in favor of religious liberty. Churches, based on the U.S. Constitution, cannot be closed during a lockdown. It’s not a complete victory. But it’s close. Let me explain. The Supreme Court ruling in a New York case laid the foundation for opening all churches to inhouse services. The Supreme Court in a 5-4 split … Read More

Victory for the Cross: What You Should Know about the Latest Supreme Court Decision

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Christians in America were handed a victory in a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling. Or were they? Let me explain… The U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled that a 40-foot high concrete World War I memorial cross does not violate the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment … and can therefore remain on public land. The 7-2 decision in American Legion … Read More

Another Resistance Strategy Revealed: The Determination to Destroy the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court Nomination [Video]

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The resistance against President Trump by both the progressive media and progressive politicians has reached an absurd level. They are so determined to prevent the confirmation of another strict constructionist Justice to the Supreme Court that they will stop at nothing to disqualify the nominee and thwart the will of the duly-elected president… And they’ve now found the ultimate weapon … Read More