Supreme Court Abortion Bombshell Illegally Leaked – 6 Facts You Should Know As the Media and Politicians Go Ballistic

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The Supreme Court is striking down the courts Roe vs. Wade abortion decision saying there is no constitutional right to abortion. It’s historic. It’s disruptive. It’s a bombshell. We were not supposed to know the decision until late June or July. But it was illegally leaked to the public. Here are six stunning facts you should know that caused the … Read More

Supreme Court Warning: 3 Republican Senators and All Democrat Senators Just Voted “Yes” for the Most Radical Judge in American History

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Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson will be the most radical judge in American history. She was appointed for a lifetime. The Senate has just approved of the most radical Supreme Court judge in America’s history. The appointment is historical. Not just because she is the first black woman in American history. But historical for positions, including: Not being able to define … Read More

The War on Religious Liberty: 3 Things You Should Know

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I just did a powerful insightful podcast/interview with Keisha Russell you should hear…and share. It’s all about religious freedom…but much more. You can click HERE to listen now…or read on… Keisha Toni Russell, a constitutional lawyer at First Liberty Institute recently testified before the U.S. Senate in opposition of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s nomination for the Supreme Court, arguing that her … Read More