The Battle for Religious Freedom: Being Decided by the Judge

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During his eight years as president, Barrack Obama appointed more than three hundred judges, giving them control of America’s federal court system. Because these judges are appointed for life, they are firmly ensconced until they die or retire. With a liberal majority of judicial activists controlling America’s federal courts, religious freedom is still in grave danger. Obama appointees in black … Read More

Massive Cover-Up: California Voter Fraud [Video]

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California’s Secretary of State Alex Padilla is covering up illegal voting and incompetence within his own office. Padilla says voter fraud in the state does not exist. But facts say otherwise. While the media ignores voter fraud, San Diego-based Election Integrity Project (EIP), together with Judicial Watch, have put Padilla on notice. He has 90 days to clean up the … Read More

How Christians View Trump and Pence … 6 Months Later

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Eighty-one percent of evangelicals voted for Trump to be president. So, how do Christians view Trump and Pence 6 months after they’ve been in office? With an unending and unrelenting assault by the media, entrenched institutions and partisan Democrats, how do evangelical Christians, or SAGE CONs, feel about President Trump and Vice President Pence? (SAGE CON is an acronym for … Read More