Sparks Fly: Across America Spontaneous Revivals-Despite Governments Trying to Shut Them Down

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Politicians and bureaucrats are trying to stop churches, ministries, and even home Bible Studies. But Christians throughout the United States are taking the initiative to minister to a hurt and dying culture. I recently wrote about Shawn and how his worship, revival, studies, and baptisms have thousands attending throughout California in defiance of the government’s unconstitutional orders. Hundreds of people … Read More

Kanye West: For President? [Video Briefing]

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Kanye West is running for President. He has been a passionate defender of the Pro-Life movement. He has been a passionate evangelist calling for repentance and acceptance of Jesus Christ. He has been a passionate advocate for cultural reform. Will West help or hurt President Trump? Or, Joe Biden? He will take away votes from both of them, which one … Read More

Pastor John MacArthur Under Fire: Stands Firm [Must see video]

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Pastor John MacArthur stood firm. When he announced he was opening his church “illegally” the forces of evil blew up. · The media attacked him · The politicians and bureaucrats attacked him. · Even some “Christian” pastors attacked him. But he stood firm. Remember, Dr. MacArthur, joining thousands of other churches opening their doors in the face of anti-Christian politicians … Read More

12 Reasons Christians Should Be Very Worried About Kamala Harris’ Anti-Christian Attacks and Socialist Worldview

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Special Report Joe Biden has picked Senator Kamala Harris as his Vice President running mate. The media says she is “moderate” and the “future of religion.” They are distorting the truth and reality. Here are 12 reasons Christians should be very worried about Kamala Harris: 1. This Vice President pick is probably one of the most important in history. Why? … Read More

The Supreme Court Out of Control: We Desperately Need One New Judge to Stop Judicial Activism [4 New Court Cases Every Christian Should Know]

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The last couple of months we have seen a lot of activity by the U.S. Supreme Court. Some good. Some bad. The bad has been very bad. The good has been very good. Most of the cases have been decided by only one vote. What is very clear by the disappointing decisions of the current Supreme Court is we need … Read More


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Here is a National TV Interview I did on Church Ballot Harvesting. As the election gears up, is your church ready to stand for religious freedom, Israel, pro-life, the persecuted church…and making sure the Supreme Court upholds the constitutional rights? Watch this short, 5-minute video. If you would like our Special Report on Church Ballot Harvesting, click here. Let me … Read More