Pro-Life Army Secretary, Activists Criticize

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Tennessee State Sen. Mark Green (R-Clarksville) may be the next secretary of the Army. He is an evangelical Christian, and was the medic for the special operations team that captured Saddam Hussein. Green wrote a book about the mission called A Night with Saddam. The nomination, however, is drawing criticism from liberal groups. They are pointing to Green’s legislative history … Read More

More Jobs/Higher Wages: States that are helping businesses and Jobs boom

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Which states are best for small and entrepreneurial business? Which are worse? As a small business owner, I can tell you many companies either: Become stagnant or shrink Leave a state for a business-friendly state Go out of business Cut jobs or don’t hire Why? Because some states have job killing and wage lowering excessive taxes and regulations. My advertising … Read More

Crushing Alternative Health Choices: Single Payer/Socialized Medicine Nightmare

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A lot of advocates point to Europe as an example of why the U.S. should have socialized medicine. “We are the only country without it,” they say. For good reason. Look at Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) for example. The NHS: Prevents parents from seeking experimental treatments for terminally ill children, as we witnessed with the heartless debacle over baby … Read More