Repeal and Replace Nightmare: Who Is Hurt [Video]

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The real losers in the failure of the Senate to repeal and replace Obamacare are millions of Americans being hurt by that healthcare law, including those who: Seeing their premiums skyrocket Are experiencing ridiculously high deductibles Lost their jobs Were downgraded to part-time work Lost their doctors The 6.5 million fined each year by the IRS who don’t make enough … Read More

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I updated my Sunday morning worship service sermons and my mid-weekly special event topics for church groups, conferences and secular groups. I’d love to come to your church or group. Here are some of my topics: Sunday Worship Service How to Have Joy in Times of Persecution (See sample flyer here) How to Have Hope in a World Turned Upside … Read More

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You can check out the hot topics of the day by following my Reality Alert tweets. Here are some examples of tweets that will send you to important stories: Love: getting the Word of God out to all Matthew 28: 18-20. Actor and Comic Jim Carrey’s Message: Suffering Leads to Salvation Department of Education has been funding Islamic indoctrination in … Read More