Department of Injustice: False Accusations, Wrongful Imprisonment, and a Trampling of Justice – 4 Things You Should Know [Chilling Tucker Video]

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It’s war. And injustice. It’s war not against a foreign enemy or violent terrorists. It’s war by the Department of Justice (DOJ) against those opposed to socialism, bureaucracy, and the U.S. Constitution against those for capitalism, freedom and limited government. The enemy: “Domestic Terrorists”. The video (Click HERE to view) below reveals how Biden Administration’s politics has infected the actions of the … Read More

COVID-19 Chinese Lab Accident and Bioweapon: Government Releases Biased, Incomplete “Official Report” – 6 Things You Should Know [Video]

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President Biden’s intelligence report of the origin of Covid-19 has been released. When Biden became President, he disbanded Trump’s investigation that was almost complete and started another investigation with his own intelligence team lab origin deniers. Here are six things you should know: #1. The “consensus” of one intelligence agency in the new report was evidence points to a Wuhan … Read More

The New Great American Fight for Freedom: 3 Powerful Videos that Reflect the Skyrocketing Revolt Against Unjust Mandates Sweeping Across America – Courageous People Spontaneously Standing Up for What’s Right and Demanding Injustice Stop [Must See Videos]

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What is happening across America? A revolt of ordinary Americans that I’ve never seen before. Here are 3 powerful, short video examples every American should see. These are being censored by Big Tech, but we have censor-free videos for you to view. 1. Parents fighting against forced masks for kids. Watch this short 6-minute video as these parents speak out … Read More