Should Christian College Basketball Be Banned from Playing?

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Some people want to ban Christian college teams from playing basketball. Why? Because Christians are “bigoted,” “haters,” and harmful to society. It’s a major new push by the media and pro-socialist politicians – banning Christian colleges from playing in the NCAA. What sparked the controversy was the incredible success of Oral Roberts University Basketball – where they almost won the … Read More

Shot Six Times: An Update on My Son, Cory, Recovering from Gang-Banger Attempted Murder (A Personal Video Message from Cory Shot Six Times)

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Several years ago, my son Cory was shot six times point blank with hollow-point bullets by three gang bangers. The two who were with the shooter were let go immediately. The shooter has been in jail and is now about ready to appear before the court. The judicial system has been a mess. The new Los Angeles D.A. Stuart House … Read More