Freedom of Worship vs. Freedom of Religion: The Great Cultural Divide – 6 Things Every Christian Should Know

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Across America today, there is a move to silence Christians. There’s a massive effort on the part of social media, the biased news media, politicians and bureaucrats to silence Christians from speaking on moral issues, political issues, and even the truth about Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, many Christians are caving in and compromising, including pastors and church leaders. Here are 6 … Read More

Persecution of Christians in America: How Your Courage and Action Can Help Stop the Most Anti-Christian Legislation Ever

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Across America, Christians are seeing an increasing attack on their belief in Jesus Christ and Biblical truth. They are being attacked and challenged by the biased media. If they are on social media, the shaming and intimidation can be great. If at school, shamed and forced into silence. If at work, fearful of their job’s future. And the politicians on … Read More

The Power of Prayer: God Miracles in the Pandemic [Powerful Video on Miracles]

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Pray. Pray without ceasing. Pray because it’s God’s will. How about praying for a miracle? Pray for a miracle about: Pray for a miracle turn-around for our cultural rebellion against Biblical truth. Prayer gives hope, because God is a God of hope. And He still does miracles. I’ve experienced answers to prayers… and yes… miracle stories thanks to prayer. This … Read More