The #1 Most Read Bible Verse of 2020

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Bible Reading skyrocketed in 2020. Why? Because of the fear of the virus and the extreme stress of the lockdowns. Scripture provided comfort and hope. Searches on YouVersion soared by 80%…600 million searches worldwide. What was the most read verse? Isaiah 41:10. It says: “Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I … Read More

Thanksgiving 2020: Can We Really Be Thankful While the World Suffers From a Global Pandemic? Yes We Can: 7 Reasons Why [Video]

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Americans of all ages have been suffering this year from quarantines, stay-at-home orders and lockdown. Churches and ministries have closed or drastically downsized. Kids are being kept home from school in many counties in many states. Millions have lost their jobs. Thousands of small businesses have been forced to close for good. The economy is in shambles for many. Many … Read More


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Abuse of Power: 3 Things You Should Know [Video] Pastor John MacArthur has “illegally” opened his church – 3,000 came back, not wearing masks … and despite the government mandate not to, they were singing worship songs. And, it was declared by the politicians to be “illegal.” But John MacArthur, who is an awesome expository teacher, declared a Christian manifesto … Read More

67% of Churches Nationally Are Still Unfairly Shut Down – But, Hundreds Are Open Illegally – I Went to One Last Week (See the video).

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I went to church illegally in California a month ago.   I went to church illegally again in Maine last week. Both illegal churches were packed out. Both had sanitation programs in place. Both allowed the attendees to wear masks if they wanted.  90% did not. And the churches were alive with powerful worship, teaching, and fellowship. But it was … Read More

National Prayer Breakfast: Controversy explodes [6 Things every Christian Should Know] [Video]

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The 68th annual National Prayer Breakfast exploded with tension and controversy this year. Here are 6 things you should know: 1. The media largely ignored the event – except for the Donald Trump vs. Nancy Pelosi controversy. This major annual prayer breakfast was covered live by FOX but ignored by all the other media … until Trump spoke. Then every … Read More