Two Kinds of Drought in America: What Every Christian Should Know

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Right now, America is experiencing another cycle of drought. Here are four things you should know: 1. Over history, the western United States has experienced drought. It’s not something new. It’s not something novel. It’s not caused by global warming. It’s part of the reality of life. Some will politicize it, but it’s up to people to understand that where … Read More

Justin Bieber Surprise: New Christian Album [See Video]

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Justin Bieber is not backing down from proclaiming the gospel. He recently released an album not for the Christian community, but for his secular fans. It’s called Justice. Artists joining Bieber for the gospel album included BEAM, Brandon Love, Chandler Moore, Pink Sweats, Judah Smith, Tori Kelly, and Lauren Walters. Tori Kelly said, “So happy to be a part of … Read More

Freedom of Worship vs. Freedom of Religion: The Great Cultural Divide – 6 Things Every Christian Should Know

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Across America today, there is a move to silence Christians. There’s a massive effort on the part of social media, the biased news media, politicians and bureaucrats to silence Christians from speaking on moral issues, political issues, and even the truth about Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, many Christians are caving in and compromising, including pastors and church leaders. Here are 6 … Read More