Powerful Worship Song Lyrics Remind Us of God’s Sovereignty and His Faithfulness [Video]

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Worship music and lyrics have a powerful therapeutic effect – especially during difficult circumstances. Shelly and I experienced this after the gang shooting of one of our kids. And one of my employees experienced the power of worship music first-hand after his parents and younger brother were killed in a plane crash many years ago … when the employee was … Read More

The Best Prison Reform Ever: The Gospel of Christ [Video]

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Across America, the gospel of Jesus Christ transforms even hardened criminals in a rough prison environment. Take a prison outside of Dallas, Texas. Coffield Unit in Anderson County, Texas is a maximum-security prison that houses 4,200 criminals. It’s the largest prison in the state. Gateway Church in Dallas has had an outreach ministry to the prison for the past 7 … Read More

The Apostles’ Creed: Exploding Controversies about Counterfeit Gospels, False Doctrines and Diluted Theology [Video]

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I love the Apostles’ Creed. It’s a foundation statement of belief for Christians everywhere. It stands in sharp contrast to false theology, false doctrines, and false religion. The Apostles’ Creed carefully reflects what it means to be a Christian. Many people claim to be Christians but don’t understand anything about Christianity. Some people even teach the Bible but they’re not … Read More

Watch the Story of Jesus Unfold in the 8-Part New TV Series Jesus: His Life

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The History Channel just concluded an 8-part series that explores the story of Jesus Christ. It was created to focus on the people in His life who were closest to Him. Each part of the 8-part series tells the story from the perspective of a different biblical figure: Joseph John the Baptist Mary the mother of Jesus Caiaphas Judas of … Read More

3 Little-Known Facts Every Christian Should Know about The Movie I Can Only Imagine and the Escalating Persecution of Christians in China

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The war against Christianity in communist China is escalating… But history has shown you cannot stop the gospel with laws designed to curtail it. You cannot stop the gospel with intimidation. You cannot stop the gospel with persecution … even to the point of death. Here are 3 little know facts you should know about what’s happening in communist China … Read More