Anti-Trump Heads Spin: Christian Artists Praise God in the White House [Videos]

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Christian worship leaders and recording artists led White House staff and visiting faith leaders in praise and worship songs… Contemporary Christian band Citizen Way sang “How Great Is Our God” – in the White House… Christian singer, songwriter, speaker and author Matt Hammitt wrote, “I witnessed a truly special moment today as our Christian music community shared a time of … Read More

Where Did God Come From? [Video]

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What does this question reveal about the thinking of the person asking it? Watch this 3 ½-minute video to hear the answer … and to learn what key mistake – also called a logical fallacy – atheists make when debating the existence of God. What do you think? Write me at [email protected] Here are the rest this week’s articles: Heads … Read More

Victory: Blasphemous Comic Book Mockery of Jesus Cancelled

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Thanks to all who prayed and signed the petition to stop the blasphemous DC comic book series, “Second Coming.” As I discussed in “False Religion: The True Jesus vs. DC Comics’ Next Superhero” (see here), the comic undermines Biblical truth. Over 230,000 signed the petition against it. The comic in the series had been scheduled for release on March 6h. … Read More

“Out of Balance” Biblical Views: Even Christian Leaders Are Susceptible [Video]

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You may have been blessed by the ministry of Joyce Meyer… Over the years, the author and televangelist has been controversial … but very effective. But now Meyer is admitting that her beliefs regarding prosperity and faith were at times “out of balance.” She thought – and taught – that whenever people had sickness or financial problems in their lives … Read More

Should Christian Singer Lauren Daigle Be Condemned by the Christian Media for Not Calling Homosexuality a Sin: 7 Factors to Consider [Video/Audio]

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I recently told you about the popular new Christian singing sensation Lauren Daigle appearing on The Ellen Show and singing her hit song “Still Rolling Stones” from her new album Look Up Child.   See the article here.   It was a powerful Christian testimony, not just to Ellen DeGeneres, but also to everyone in the studio audience … and … Read More