Shocking Religious Freedom Study: Both Christians and non-Christians Favor Less Religious Freedom

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Religious freedom is fundamental to America… It’s fundamental to a free society. It’s why the Pilgrims and Puritans came to America 400 years ago. It’s enshrined and guaranteed in the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights of our Constitution – the Supreme law of the land. And yet our First Amendment rights are under attack today as never before … Read More

Despite Deep State Obstruction: Religious Freedom in the Workplace

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The Deep State has been resisting allowing religious freedom in the workplace. You may recall that President Trump issued an executive order called “Promoting Free Speech and Religious Liberty” in May 2017 – just 4 months after his inauguration. We wrote about this here. For nearly 2 years, Deep State bureaucrats in the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) … Read More

Free at Last! Pastor Andrew Brunson Released after 2 Years of False Imprisonment in Turkey – Politicians and Media Mock, Scorn and Attack: 7 Things You Should Know [Videos]

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Praise God! A great victory for justice and religious freedom has occurred…   It was a traumatic experience … many months of solitary confinement followed by many more months of being in an overcrowded cell with 20 other inmates.   Pastor Brunson faced a possible 35-year prison sentence. He endured the mental and emotional anguish of being separated from his … Read More

Christian Persecution: Dolphins Cheerleader Suffers for Standing Firm in Faith [Video]

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A former cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins suffered religious persecution and discrimination from her teammates and from her team’s cheerleader director after she admitted she was a Christian and a virgin.   That she suffered persecution for her faith isn’t surprising in light of the promise contained in 2 Timothy 3:12, “Indeed, all who desire to live godly in Christ … Read More

First Amendment Protection of Religious Freedom and Christianity Won This Week in the Supreme Court

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We can rejoice because the Supreme Court handed us a partial First Amendment victory. While it’s not as complete as we want, it was still a victory. You see businesses owned by Christians across America have been persecuted … demeaned because of their faith … fined … threatened with jail … and threatened with the closure of their businesses. Why? … Read More

Banning Christian Counseling Books — Maybe Even the Bible: 7 Shocking Facts [Videos and Petition]

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The progressives across the U.S. are supporting a shocking bill about to be passed in California… I need your help to defeat it – whether you’re a California or a non-California subscriber. Its focus is stopping Christians from “fraudulently” talking about same-sex attraction and gender confusion. The bill in California is AB 2943. If it passes in California, other states … Read More

Bernie Sanders: Anti-Christian Bigotry and Intolerance [Shocking Video]

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Bernie Sanders attacked every Christian and biblical belief in a televised Senate hearing: What he said requires an apology to every Christian and to every freedom-loving American, regardless of their world view. What he said was unconstitutional. And just plain wrong. It all started when President Trump nominated Russell Vought as deputy director of the White House Office of Management … Read More