The Courage to Speak Out Against the Equality Act and Other Evils That Can Affect You, Your Family, and America’s Future: What You Can Do Now

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Our freedom of religion is under attack. Across America, the media, the politicians and the bureaucrats are attempting to transform our culture and society in a radical way. The Equality Act is the most dangerous example. The Equality Act will destroy Christian religious freedom, our First Amendment rights, churches and ministries. The Equality Act, if passed by the U.S. Senate … Read More

The Shocking Truth About Your Local Schools: The Revealing Interview with One of America’s #1 Education Experts [Podcast]

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Kids in today’s public schools are in danger. From K-12, indoctrination, not education, is happening. Your area schools have teachers, curriculum and outside influences that are polluting the children’s minds. I wanted you to hear from one of America’s #1 education experts. I just got off the air with Meg Kilgannon of the Family Research Council. We talked about the … Read More

Pastor Greg Laurie on Life, Death and Heaven – A Powerful Message for Those Hurt From Loss

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Normally I would not post someone else’s work. However, this is an exception. Someone very near to me is about ready to die, and his mother is heartbroken. Pastor Greg Laurie has written a powerful commentary about life, death and heaven…and especially how it impacts those who have lost a child. I think you will want to share this powerful … Read More