Shocking: Presidential Christmas Address–Reagan, Trump, and Obama

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Shocking: Presidential Christmas Address--Reagan, Trump, and Obama

With the Presidential transition nearly upon us, let us compare the Christmas addresses of President Ronald Reagan, outgoing President Barack Obama, and incoming President Donald Trump. I’d like to hear your thoughts on what you think about the difference Here are the Christmas messages: Ronald Reagan, 1981: Barack Obama, 2016 Donald Trump, 2016 Here are the Christmas … Read More

Heaven or Hell: Where are Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds Now?

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Todd Fisher: Heaven or Hell—Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds

Last week, tragic news—fit for the silver screen—hit the entertainment industry. On December 23, Carrie Fisher of Star Wars fame, suffered a severe heart attack. She was rushed to the hospital and appeared stable on Christmas Day. Then suddenly, two days later, Carrie passed away. In another sudden shock, Carrie Fisher’s mother Debbie Reynolds had a stroke, and entered the … Read More

Spotlight: Master Golf Winner a Christian!

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Spotlight: Master Golf Winner a Christian!

Danny Willett just won the Masters Golf Championship! He defeated the 2015 Masters winners Jordan Spieth, who also a Christian. Willett  is not shy about it on the golf course: “I am a Christian. I was brought up in a Christian home.” His father, Rev. Steve Willett, is a vicar in the Church of England, but does not pray for … Read More