U.S. Churches Under Attack: Disruption, Vandalism, and Fire

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Across America, dozens of churches have been under attack. Fire. Disrupting church. Stealing and vandalism. And, of course, intimidation. Churches aren’t alone. Pro-life pregnancy center have been under attack – one fire bomb. The spark: The U.S. Supreme Court leak (see “Supreme Court Abortion Bombshell Illegally Leaked – 6 Facts You Should Know As the Media and Politicians Go Ballistic”), … Read More

The Persecuted Church: What is Happening and How to Turn it Around [Podcast]

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In the United States, there is a growing assault on religious liberty. But worldwide the assault against Christians and minority religions is increasing dramatically. I interviewed Sam Brownback, a leading force in protecting religious freedom. You can listen to the 20-minute podcast by clicking HERE. Sam Brownback is a warrior for stopping persecution. He started a new organization called the … Read More