Who is Really Running America? [Controversial National Broadcast]

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Who is really running America? Who is making the decisions? I just got off a controversial national radio/podcast with Bill Martinez, answering the question and shocking the audience. Here are a few highlights: We are experiencing a brokenness coming out of Washington D.C – as well as from state and local government. We have an ideologically driven government in D.C. … Read More

Biden’s Popularity by Religion Crashes – Here is How He Stands with “Religious” Affiliation [Note Black Christians!]

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65% of Black Christians now approve of Joe Biden’s job as President. That’s a crash from 92%  approval when he took office over one year ago. Here are approvals from other religious segments: White evangelicals: From 22% to 14% Catholic: From 56% to 46% Nones (religious unaffiliated): From 65% to 47% Why do you think the Black Christian support dropped … Read More

God is Not Dead: We the People – A Movie About Religious Liberty and Homeschooling

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My wife and I took a look at the latest release in the series, God Is Not Dead. The movie was powerful. It touched on many different topics – even the persecution of Christians overseas. But the main emphasis was the persecution in the U.S. by many trying to marginalize and outlaw homeschooling in America. School districts, the educational establishment, … Read More