Governor Shocks Nation by Proclaiming Day of Prayer and Repentance: Media Demands He Rescind It [Video]

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The Governor of Tennessee made a bold move… He signed and issued an official proclamation calling for prayer, humility and repentance throughout the state. The media attacked him. The politicians attacked him. And liberal pastors attacked him. I was with my wife, Shelly, at a church near Franklin, Tennessee called Grace Chapel Leiper’s Fork. The Pastor asked everyone to come … Read More

College Football Quarterback Credits God with His Success [Video]

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He’s a lowly college freshman… Most college freshmen are looked down upon by upperclassmen… But not Bo Nix… He’s the starting quarterback for the Auburn Tigers … and he credits God with his success. He wears a white wristband during football games that reads “Humble Over Hype.” “It reminds you to stay humble because there’s a lot of hype around … Read More

The White House Prayer the Media Ignored [Must-See Video]

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The media ignored one of the most powerful White House prayers. And the prayer was from an orphan and a refugee. She was born in Ethiopia… She was abandoned by her parents and lived as an impoverished orphan… Then she was adopted by a loving American Christian family at the age of 11. Raised to love and follow Christ, Mahalet … Read More

… and Finally [Video]

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I think you will enjoy this duet of Zach Williams and Dolly Parton singing the worship song, “There Was Jesus.” As you listen, remember the promise of Jesus in Hebrews 13:5, “I will never desert you, nor will I ever forsake you.” What do you think? Email me at [email protected] Here are the rest of this week’s articles: The White … Read More

“See You at the Pole” Day 2019: Only One Student Shows Up at a Florida High School [Video]

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It was courageous… It showed commitment and determination… Hayden Philpot stood alone at the flagpole. That’s right. He stood in front of Lake Minneola High School near Orlando, Florida … praying … alone … the only one from the 1,800-member student body. No one else came … no one else joined him to pray for his school. So Hayden remained … Read More

Transformed by the Power of Christ: College Football Star Becomes Meth Addict, then Finds God in Prison [Videos]

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Damon West had it all… He grew up in a loving Christian home in Texas… He was the star quarterback for the University of North Texas… But then his football career ended suddenly due to a shoulder injury … and his life gradually spiraled out of control. Damon first developed a dependency on prescription drugs. Eventually he began dabbling in … Read More