Media Heads Spin and Become Silent: National Prayer Breakfast Features President Trump and Chris Tomlin … and Focuses on Human Trafficking: 3 Things You Should Know [Videos]

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At first, silence… Then mockery and criticism… This year, reaction to the National Prayer Breakfast by the biased social media, socialist Democrats and liberal theologians was sad – and misplaced. Christian singer Chris Tomlin, International Justice Mission Gary Haugen and President Trump were the key figures. Members of Congress – both Democrat and Republican – and government and religious leaders … Read More

“Out of Balance” Biblical Views: Even Christian Leaders Are Susceptible [Video]

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You may have been blessed by the ministry of Joyce Meyer… Over the years, the author and televangelist has been controversial … but very effective. But now Meyer is admitting that her beliefs regarding prosperity and faith were at times “out of balance.” She thought – and taught – that whenever people had sickness or financial problems in their lives … Read More

My Pillow Business Owner: Viciously Attacked but Still Proclaims Truth and Light without Fear [Videos]

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You may have seen the “My Pillow” TV commercials with the company’s owner, Michael Lindell…   He is being unfairly attacked… See the videos below.   As a business owner, I’ve noticed that over the past few years, if you’re a Christian, or believe in traditional Biblical values … if you’re an advocate of conservative or libertarian principles … then … Read More

Should Christian Singer Lauren Daigle Be Condemned by the Christian Media for Not Calling Homosexuality a Sin: 7 Factors to Consider [Video/Audio]

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I recently told you about the popular new Christian singing sensation Lauren Daigle appearing on The Ellen Show and singing her hit song “Still Rolling Stones” from her new album Look Up Child.   See the article here.   It was a powerful Christian testimony, not just to Ellen DeGeneres, but also to everyone in the studio audience … and … Read More