Now, the Good News: God Moving Powerfully Across America [Franklin Graham and Greg Laurie Videos]

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I’ve got some good news. God is moving and changing people’s lives. Many pastors have been silent, marginalized, and invisible during the pandemic – bowing to Caesar and fear, not standing firm. Many Christians have become passive and ineffective in spreading the gospel, ministering, and serving, afraid of covid. But God is moving. Franklin Graham just concluded a nationwide Crusade … Read More

COVID-19 Alternatives: How to Protect Yourself, Family and Friends

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The politicians, Big Tech, and big Pharma have made many suffer – and some doctors say die – because of lifesaving alternative therapies that have been effectively banned and censored in America. Hospitals, doctor offices, and insurance companies are prohibiting people from getting COVID medicine they prefer to take, even if they request it. Fortunately, there is a way you … Read More

The Death of Freedom in America? Trader Joe’s Fires Manager of 26 Years for Requesting Religious Exemption from COVID Vaccination Mandate [Must See Video]

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Say goodbye to freedom in America? The erosion of freedom began with COVID-19 business lockdowns, school closures, “shelter in place” orders and mask mandates. Because the general public accepted these encroachments on their personal liberty under the guise of “protecting public health,” it shouldn’t be any surprise that our “public servants” at all levels of government are now calling for … Read More