Socialist: Christians Responsible for Spread of the American Coronavirus Pandemic [Road to Hell Paved by Evangelicals]

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Did Christians fuel the COVID-19 pandemic in America? According to a New York Times op-ed, “The Road to Coronavirus Hell was Paved by Evangelicals,” they did. Why? Because Trump surrounds himself with evangelicals and their “anti-science” attitudes. The article follows the attack Vice President Mike Pence received for praying at the President’s Coronavirus task force meeting. (See the article, “Prayer? … Read More

Church Canceled…

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Across America … and the world … church services have been canceled. Youth groups canceled… Mid-week services and Bible Studies canceled. Sunday morning worship services canceled. I’m working on finding out what churches are doing to reach the broken, the hurting, and those in need of Christ. What is your church doing to help people in your fellowship? What is … Read More

Nashville Singers’ Rendition of “It Is Well with My Soul” via Cell Phone! Video]

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The Coronavirus pandemic is confining everyone to their homes until at least April 30th… Some are unable to work during their quarantine … while others are able to work from home… But what if your job is as a studio background vocalist? Nashville, Tennessee has a deep talent pool when it comes to singers. Some have sung background for the … Read More

The End of Coronavirus Pandemic Fear? [Video]

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It may seem like a miracle. Private companies and researchers have quickly been developing both vaccinations and cures for the Coronavirus. And the FDA is finally getting out of the way – it’s the number one stumbling block to innovation of new cures. My Washington contacts tell me the speed of development of a multitude of new cures will shock … Read More

Where was God in the Tennessee Tornado: Shocking Responses of the Victims [Video]

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The media newsman was shocked – and he shocked the TV hosts and the audience. Here are 5 things you should know about the tragic Tennessee tornados: 1. Every single person mentioned God. CBS news correspondent David Begnaud spent several days looking at the destruction and death caused by the six tornados that created a horror story for thousands of … Read More