Massive Assault to Ban Chick-fil-A: 7 Things Every Christian Should Know

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Across America, Chick-fil-A is under attack… Schools, airports and cities are trying to ban the chicken restaurant. Why? Because its owners, who are Christians, make private donations to pro-life, pro-traditional marriage organizations. Here are 7 things you should know: The assault on Chick-fil-A is an assault on Christians and Christianity. The cities of San Antonio, Texas and Buffalo, New York … Read More

Reckless Negligence: The Horrific Death Spiral of Los Angeles and Other Cities Controlled by Socialists [Video]

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Wherever you live, you must know about the reckless negligence of socialist city leaders. The short 3 ½-minute video at the end of this article will shock and alarm you. It’s quite disturbing… Negligence in addressing the health issues caused by homelessness is impacting cities across the nation. Let’s look at Los Angeles and at what one health expert is … Read More

Disturbing: Presidential Candidate Booed for Saying “Socialism is not the Answer:” 7 Flawed Socialism Arguments Every American Should Know [Video]

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You should be concerned … VERY concerned. Why? You see, many presidential candidates – and many political activists – are now openly supporting socialism. One lone Democrat candidate is not for socialism … and what happened to him should shock you. John Hickenlooper – the Governor of Colorado – is running for president. He recently said “Socialism is not the … Read More

Make Plans to Join Me at FreedomFest 2019

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It’s at the Paris Resort in Las Vegas … from July 17th through July 20th. I’ll be speaking as part of a Google panel. As you know if you’ve been keeping up with Reality Alert, Google has attacked and is discriminating against Reality Alert/Election Forum … and I hope you’ll come to the largest annual gathering of conservatives and … Read More

Shocking Religious Freedom Study: Both Christians and non-Christians Favor Less Religious Freedom

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Religious freedom is fundamental to America… It’s fundamental to a free society. It’s why the Pilgrims and Puritans came to America 400 years ago. It’s enshrined and guaranteed in the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights of our Constitution – the Supreme law of the land. And yet our First Amendment rights are under attack today as never before … Read More

Join Me at FreedomFest 2019

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Since the beginning, I’ve been a speaker at FreedomFest… Many of my Reality Alert readers have joined me… It’s probably the best conference for conservatives, libertarians and Christians ever put together. This year, I’ll be speaking on: Socialism: the most dangerous political trend our nation has ever seen… The Deep State – everything you need to know about the latest … Read More

Black Conservative Responds to Insults: 7 Shocking and Dramatic Moments the News Media Covered Up … But Video Views Explode to 1.4 Million [Videos]

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A young black conservative political commentator created tense drama during a congressional hearing. It was riveting. So much so that her next internet video generated 1.3 million views. Candace Owens took on the most powerful Democrats in Congress … and shut them down. It was historic. It was a hearing designed to equate conservatives and Christians with racism, bigotry and … Read More