Churches Across America Are Having Their Twitter, Facebook and YouTube Censored

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Across America, pastors and Christian organizations that do not compromise on speaking the truth are being censored. With the end of the election and the control of the Senate by the pro-Socialist Democrats, the entire anti-Christian, pro-Socialist activists are increasing pressure to censor free speech and stop communication that is a threat. And they are being very successful. One of … Read More

Revival Among Youth…How God is Moving Despite the Failures of Government, Pastors and Churches

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Across America, spontaneous gatherings of Christians are happening where people are accepting Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. At a time when churches are locked down in so many states… At a time when churches have drastically downsized their outreach… At a time when Christians cannot legally gather together in large groups… That’s where Christians are fulfilling their call to … Read More

God Forgive Us: Pro-Socialist Pastor/Congressmen Opens New Congress praying to Hindu god and Politicizes “Amen” [See Disturbing Video]

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Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO), a pastor, opened the first session of the 117th Congress by praying in the name of a Hindu god and twisting the word “amen” into “awomen”. Here is what he said: “Eternal God, noiselessly we bow before your throne of grace as we leave behind the politically and socially clamorous year of 2020.” Quoting the benediction … Read More

Lockdown Disneyland? It’s Not About Public Health if the “Cure” is Worse than the Disease

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Disneyland is a perfect example of the moral, economic and scientific bankruptcy of a lockdown. It’s not about “public health” regardless of what the self-proclaimed “experts” say. It’s not about keeping you safe regardless of what California Governor Gavin Newsom says. It’s about keeping everyone in fear… It’s about keeping everyone under control… Disney theme parks are open in Tokyo, … Read More

Georgia “Pastor” Promotes Socialism, Attacks Religious Liberty, is Pro-Abortion, and Hates Israel … and He Could Be the Senator that Changes America (Why Georgia Determines the Next Four Years)

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Georgia is the key to what will be happening in the next four years… This is not about Republican or Democrat. It’s about the survival of America. It’s about stopping Socialism. It’s about protecting the unborn. It’s about defending Israel. It’s about stopping the assault on religious liberty. You see, the state of Georgia, Republicans have identified Republican voters. Democrats … Read More

The Lockdown Revolt: 4 Things You Should Know About Why It’s Growing

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Across America, a new revolt is growing against unjustified lockdowns – not backed by science or data, but by politicians and bureaucrats’ opinions and ideologies. Pastors are protesting and opening their church. Business owners are protesting and staying open “illegally.” People tired of the coercion and lies by politicians are protesting. Here are 4 things you should know: 1. 37,198 … Read More

Suppressed and Censored: America – Amazing History of Christmas [Video]

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When I speak at conferences, a speaker that I often see is William Federer. I recommend his great books on history.  He has powerful must-see content suppressed and censored by the public schools, museums, libraries and the media. Yet history is critical to know to understand the future and not repeat the mistakes of the past. Even the history of … Read More