Bigotry Against Christians: 8 Things Every Christian Should Know about the Intolerance of a Leading Democrat Candidate for President [Video and Poll]

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Intolerance and bigotry against Christians is increasing… This is not a Democrat or Republican issue. Christian-bashing and shaming is becoming popular among leading candidates for president. The latest is Democrat Pete Buttigieg (pronounced Budda-judge) – who has already raised $7 million and is polling in 3rd place behind former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders. Here are 8 … Read More

Cutting Through the Confusion Caused by Opposing Media Narratives

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Confused by the Mueller Report speculation … and all the talk about Russia, Russia, Russia … and whether or not there is “probable cause” that President Trump committed obstruction of justice? The easiest way for you, your family, your friends and neighbors to put all the pieces together and connect all the dots is by reading my book, The Deep … Read More

Our Special Report on the Mueller Investigation Findings on Russia Collusion Has Been Translated into Spanish

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Because we have so many Spanish-speaking readers – and Spanish-speaking friends of subscribers – we are happy to announce that Special Report: 10 Shocking Facts Every Christian Should Know about the Mueller Report has been translated into Spanish. Please, if you know anyone who speaks Spanish, forward this to them. It’s something they won’t see in the Hispanic news media. … Read More

Mueller Report Aftermath: Deep-State Media and Politicians Won’t Stop Their Attacks on President Trump [Video and Petition]

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The Deep State – meaning all those who favor huge regulatory bureaucracies and socialistic (that is, government-controlled) industries – loathes Donald J. Trump. Why? Because they are “The Swamp” he promised to “drain” when he was running for president in 2016. President Trump is a threat to their power and control over you and every other American. Why wouldn’t they … Read More

El Informe Especial: 10 Hechos Impactantes para Todos Cristianos Saber acerca del Informe Mueller

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Es impactante … Los medios de comunicación parciales y los políticos demócratas están al margen del hecho de que los fiscales e investigadores federales de Robert Mueller no encontraron pruebas de connivencia entre los miembros de la campaña de Trump y el gobierno ruso. Durante más de 2 años, estos fanáticos anti-Trump le han estado diciendo a los estadounidenses que … Read More

Did You Miss My Special Report on the 10 Shocking Facts You Should Know about the Mueller Investigation?

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The Mueller Report hasn’t been made public yet… But from Attorney General William Barr’s summary letter to congressional leaders, we know that Robert Mueller left a “poison pill” in his report to harass – and potentially cripple – President Trump and his administration for the rest of his presidency. Do you know what it is? Click here to find out… … Read More

Special Report: 10 Shocking Facts Every Christian Should Know about the Mueller Report

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It’s shocking… The biased mainstream media and the Democrat politicians are beside themselves over the fact that Robert Mueller’s federal prosecutors and investigators found no evidence of collusion between members of the Trump campaign and the Russian government. For over 2 years, these anti-Trump zealots have been telling the American people that Donald Trump: Colluded with Russia to steal the … Read More