California Readers: Election Forum at A Church Near You?

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I will be speaking at the following churches about the critical 2016 Election. I’ll discuss what a Christian worldview is, then go down the ballot on the candidates’ stances on Israel Life Religious Liberty Economic growth and more! Here are the churches. Click on one of them, and you will find the flyer advertising the event: 1. Foothills Church, El … Read More

The Election Forum : Coming to Your Church

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I’d like to come to your church. Unlike previous elections, statistics show that a greater percentage of your fellowship is going to vote in the elections this year. In most churches, half of them are not registered and of these registered, half of them still do not vote. What do you do? You can make sure that your fellow believers … Read More

Hillary and Bernie Debate Prayer and Faith

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During the Presidential campaign, Hillary was asked whom she prays for. The Democratic frontrunner said: “I pray very specifically for people I know by name … “People who have gone through or are experiencing difficult times … “I pray for the will of God to be known.” She also admitted that she was not a “praying person” until her husband, … Read More