Dangerous: How “H.R. 4” Will Federalize Elections Destroying Election Integrity (Action Steps for Everyone to Take Now)

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The number one goal of the socialist Democrats when they came into power in January in Congress and in the Presidency was to federalize the elections which would destroy election integrity. Here are five things you should know about the latest attempt at controlling future elections: 1. H.R. 4 will federalize the elections. That’s right. It will be the big-government, … Read More

Larry Elder National Spotlight: Open Letter to Those Who Want to Vote for a Different Candidate to Replace Gavin Newsom: 6 Critical Reasons Why Larry Over the Other 46 Candidates

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The entire nation is watching the California recall. But few know about the behind the scenes drama: California voters are being flooded with mailers, videos, social media, e-mails, TV and radio commercials and more viciously attacking Larry Elder. In fact, I’ve received a lot of e-mails and posts upset about my recommendation of Larry Elder for Governor of California…people upset … Read More

Special California Recall Alert for Christians

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The California recall election is a potential tsunami….crushing tyranny in California and across America. That’s what I just called it on a national interview…because this is an epic national election of historical significance. Below is my discussion of the election…and a powerful endorsement for one candidate…with Christian attorney Brad Dacus (Click HERE). Why should you watch it? First because what … Read More