“A Game Changer” – 6 Shocking Things You Should Know About Transforming the 2022 Election into a Pro-Socialist Tsunami [Letter from the Dark Side]

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Conventional wisdom is wrong. The conventional wisdom is that the failures of the pro-socialist Democrats’ policies in Washington and in Blue States/Cities have been so great and damaging that it’s only common sense that the House and Senate will turn more conservative or libertarian in 2022. Because of the epic failure in the economy, foreign affairs, public safety and more … Read More

The Christian Vote, Ballot Harvesting and Caitlyn Jenner – My Explosive Interview with Sharron Angle [Video]

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I just got off my tv/podcast interview with Governor Sharron Angle. You watch the interview HERE. Some of the key highlights included: The Recall and Caitlyn Jenner  Over two million people signed a petition to recall the governor of California This governor has had the biggest failure in lockdowns, he has closed businesses forever, and has attacked churches He has … Read More