Trump Wins, Hillary Crushed: What Pastors, Christians, and Voters Did to Shake Up the Race

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The 2016 Presidential election primary in New Hampshire shook up the Presidential race. Here are the 7 things you should know: The Evangelical vote was split! Historically, Evangelical Christians do not register (about 50% in most churches) or don’t vote (over 50% of registered Evangelicals did not vote in the 2012 Presidential Election) Ted Cruz is out to change that. … Read More

Shocker: Evangelical Christians and Their Pastors Determined the First Presidential Primary!

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The Iowa Presidential primary results are in, and they shocked the liberal media, the establishment politicians, and the candidates themselves. The surprise: The Evangelical Christians and their pastors were the #1 influence in the election, and that explains how Cruz beat everyone in the Republican field by a large majority. The other shocker? Hillary almost lost to Bernie Sanders (49.9% … Read More