Who Should be the Next President of the United States? [Poll and Results]

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Who Should be the Next President of the United States? [Poll and Results]

Last week, I asked readers to vote in our online poll for who should be the next President of the United States. Here are the results: Candidate Percentage Hillary Clinton (D) Former Sec. of State   3.0% Gary Johnson (Libertarian) 2.6% Jill Stein (Green Candidate) 0.2% Donald Trump (R) Businessman 94.2%   If you haven’t already, don’t forget to vote … Read More

Outrageous: Election of the Voting Dead [Video]

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Dead people caught voting, again and again! Here is a recent expose of the disturbing number of recently deceased who still—somehow—managed to make it to the polls over the past ten years. Of course, what’s really going on is voter fraud. A reporter compared the voting records from the California Secretary of State with the death records of the Social Security Administration. … Read More

How to Vote Your Values–California Readers Alert [Video]

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For California readers, the voting by mail has started and the June 7th primary is coming up quickly. Do you know whom to vote for U.S. Senate, the judges, on the propositions, and the other seats? There are two things you should do: Come to our Election Forum if you are close. Listen to my analysis on the upcoming races … Read More