Voter Guide Now Updated – Vote For, Not Against, Your Values

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Our 2020 General Election Voter Guide is now available. You can access it anytime to help you vote for, not against, your biblical values. It includes the propositions, the judges, and the candidates from president down to many local officials. The issues on the ballot today include supporting Israel, the persecuted church, defending the unborn, religious liberty, jobs and economic … Read More


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Here is a national TV interview I did on Church Ballot Harvesting. As the election gears up, is your church ready to stand up for religious freedom, Israel, pro-life, the persecuted church…and making sure the Supreme Court upholds Christian values and our constitutional rights? Watch this short, 5-minute video. Let me know what you think by emailing me at

Mail-In Ballots and Voter Fraud: Millions of Votes Not Counted? What the Media is Not Telling You

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Mail- in ballots across America have been rejected by election officials in the 2020 primaries. It also happened in the 2018 and 2016 elections … and before. For example, in California’s March 2020 primary, over 102,428 ballots were rejected. That’s about 1.5% of the 7 million sent in…. enough to have made a difference in the outcome of a close … Read More

Powerful Reader Letter: How the Voter Guide Helped Them Vote For and Not Against Their Values in 2020 for District Attorneys, Judges, and candidates.

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I got this letter from a reader and had to share it with you.  It is powerful – read what it says… Craig- I sent your Election Voters Guide to everyone I could think of, including my two children (son, 29 and daughter 27). When they turned 18, a form to register to vote was on their breakfast bowl. They have … Read More

Election Crisis Coming Soon: Together We Can Prevent Another Blue Tsunami in November

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The outcome of the November 2020 election is heavily dependent on conservative voter turnout. At stake are several important policy issues: Whether the next Supreme Court Justice nominees will follow the Constitution as written … or reinterpret it to legislate from the bench Whether pro-life or pro-abortion (love-of-murder) federal judges will be appointed Whether we help – or abandon – … Read More

Learn How to Vote Your Values in the 2020 Primary Elections

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The 2020 primary election season has already begun… Some states have already held their primaries. Other states – including California – hold their primaries on Super Tuesday – March 3rd – which is coming up very soon. We will be conducting a webinar next Tuesday, February 25th at 12:30pm Pacific time. Go to next Monday to register if you … Read More

Primary Elections Are Just as Important as the November General Elections: Please Help Me Spread the Word

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You can actually help change the future of the United States of America … and of the world. Sound farfetched? Sound unrealistic? It’s not… Let me explain. The judicial branch of government is the final arbiter that determines whether our Constitutional freedoms are preserved … or whether they are trampled on by bad laws. At the federal level – as … Read More