Presidential Election 2016 Comparison Graph: Know Where the Candidates Stand on the Political Spectrum

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Here are the Presidential candidates at a glance on the left/right political spectrum. A Christian worldview based on Biblical values would be to maximize freedom and voluntary charity. On the far left is Communism and Socialism. On the far right is Libertarianism and Anarchism (no government). In carefully reviewing each candidates’ economic and social policies, this graph shows where they … Read More

Trump: Support at Liberty University

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Jerry Falwell Jr., President of Liberty University, came close to endorsing Donald Trump for President, claiming that he is a great “visionary of our time”. In stark contrast, Russell Moore, the director of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, blasted Falwell’s fulsome praise of Trump. Moore even contended that the Liberty University leader was sacrificing the truth of the Gospel … Read More

Election Forum For Your Church and the 2016 Primary

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Now more than ever, the Body of Christ must stand for religious liberty, values and common sense. And there’s no place more crucial than the ballot box on Election Day. Do you know how to vote in the upcoming 2016 Presidential primary? Besides President, what about US Senate? Congress? Assembly? Judges? Those confusing propositions? More importantly, what about your church? Sadly, … Read More