Will I See You at Your Church: What Every Church Should Now Do

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The June primary election is fast approaching. Primary elections are extremely important… Why? Because in some states – California is one of them – for statewide elected offices, only the 2 candidates receiving the most votes in the primary election are placed on the ballot for the general election in November. When voter turnout is very low in the primary … Read More

Voter Guide Election Help [Election Forum]

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Voter Guide Election Help [Election Forum]

We have voter guides, webinars, and websites all ready for every voter who wants to know how to vote his or her values! Nationwide. Here is your voter guide to the 2016 Election: Presidential Central, with comparison charts, videos, and more. It Includes national voter guide info, too. Click here. California. Complete recommendations on President, US Senate, Propositions, judges, and local … Read More