Thousands of Christian Teenagers Take a Stand for Christ [video]

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Religious freedoms in this nation are becoming increasingly threatened. But when we stand up boldly and bravely for our faith- and the rights to practice our faith- it makes a powerful and effective statement. Today, thousands of teenagers are gathering around the American Flag at their schools to pray, to intercede for our nation, and to exercise our rights of … Read More

Transgender Battle Grows: The Uncomfortable Truth [Shocking Video About Kindergarteners]

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If you think you’re confused about the whole transgender issue, so are state and federal governments. Some cities say that transgenders can’t be required to prove their gender to use a public restroom. Others say denying transgender people the right to use a gender-identity-appropriate restroom violates their nondiscrimination laws. How do you see this issue? Back when she was Attorney … Read More

Christian Education: Unfairly Smeared and Attacked by Haters and Enemies

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The attack on Christians sending their kids to private school and homeschooling is escalating by the elite media and school establishment. The media, the education establishment and progressives are saying parents who don’t send their kids to public schools are racist theocrats. They’re accusing you of being: Racist because you are being obedient to God’s Word and direction. An enemy … Read More

Transgender Kindergarten: Social Engineering Gone Mad: ‘Could I Turn Into a Boy?’ [Videos]

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A teacher at Rocklin Gateway Academy in California had this brilliant idea. She would talk to her small students about transgender identity. She would then reveal their classmate who switched from being a boy to being a girl, with the student changing clothes. She would read to them from the controversial book, “I Am Jazz,” the story of a transgender … Read More

Brainwashed: College Students Want Muslims to Have More Rights Than Christians? [Video]

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If a Christian baker refuses to make a same-sex wedding cake, he’s sued and dragged through court. That is the reality facing Christian business people. But if a Muslim singer doesn’t want to sing at an Easter Church event, is that okay? This hypothetical situation was put before students at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. They agreed the singer … Read More

The War on Christian Schools Escalates [Video]

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Liberals are having a field day turning schools into incubators for the radical left, including: Gender-free bathrooms Extremist sex education Common Core Liberal textbooks Killing school choice Firing and silencing Christian teachers Indiana’s Lighthouse Christian Academy has become embroiled in this fight after a Massachusetts congresswoman took aim at the students’ code of conduct. At a hearing with new Education … Read More