The Shocking Truth About Your Local Schools: The Revealing Interview with One of America’s #1 Education Experts [Podcast]

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Kids in today’s public schools are in danger. From K-12, indoctrination, not education, is happening. Your area schools have teachers, curriculum and outside influences that are polluting the children’s minds. I wanted you to hear from one of America’s #1 education experts. I just got off the air with Meg Kilgannon of the Family Research Council. We talked about the … Read More

Ideological School Board Disobeys New Law to Protect Kids and Parental Rights – Parents Must Now “Rebel” Against Stopping Propaganda and Forced Masking of Kids [Video]

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In Virginia, the new governor has seen open disobedience by radical school boards. They are ignoring his executive order to stop the forced masking of children and to respect parental rights. Governor Youngkin won the election with the help of parents wanting to stop the indoctrination of students in such things as Critical Race Theory (CRT), forced masking of kids, … Read More