Socialism and Marxism in America: How Powerful Is It…and What Does it Mean to Our Future? [Podcast with Craig and Shelly]

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Socialism/Marxism power in America is becoming more self-evident…everyday. In schools… In the media… In politics… You are seeing the impact of Socialist/Marxist power on our society. Shelly and I had a chance to dig into this topic with Abraham Hamilton. You can listen to it, click HERE. Abraham has a depth of knowledge in how the Socialists and Marxists are … Read More

Supreme Court Warning: 3 Republican Senators and All Democrat Senators Just Voted “Yes” for the Most Radical Judge in American History

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Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson will be the most radical judge in American history. She was appointed for a lifetime. The Senate has just approved of the most radical Supreme Court judge in America’s history. The appointment is historical. Not just because she is the first black woman in American history. But historical for positions, including: Not being able to define … Read More