The Escalation of Hatred and Violence in America: 6 Disturbing Trends, One Solution

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American society today seems to be progressing rapidly into a culture of hatred, violence, and destruction of values, morals … and even lives. Instead of having respectful discussions and civil debate about differences of political and religious beliefs, we’ve seen: A deranged Bernie Sanders supporter attempt to assassinate Republican congressmen on a baseball field A deranged President Trump supporter send … Read More

The War on Home Schooling [Petition]

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Killing home schooling is underway in a couple of states … as we’ve reported in recent weeks… See Home Schooling: Who’s Trying to Kill It? here.  Thanks to all of you who signed our petition to save home schooling. If you haven’t yet signed, you can do so here. We also have a paper petition you can pass out at your … Read More

Shocking: Brainwashing Our Kids in the Schools [Shocking Videos]

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Over the years I’ve discussed how the government-run schools have been indoctrination centers … brainwashing children in progressive ideology … progressive politics … socialism … humanism … and much more. The teachers take the lead in proselytizing students … not only in history and in government classes … but English, Science, Math and more have been weaponized against the kids, … Read More

Home Schooling: Who’s Trying to Kill It? [Petition]

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Nationwide there’s a growing effort to kill home schooling… In Maryland and California, legislators are trying to pass terrible laws that will restrict freedom and violate parental rights. Why do these politicians want to regulate – and eventually outlaw – home schooling? Because they believe that the care and protection – and the rearing and education – of children is … Read More

Banning Home Schooling: 7 Shocking Ways Politicians and Judges Are Hurting Kids, Parents and Education [Petition]

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The end of homeschooling? That’s what progressive judges and politicians want to see. For example, … Maryland and California are the most recent states in which progressive politicians are attempting to regulate – and eventually destroy – home schooling. Proposed legislation in both states would assume parents are guilty until they prove their innocence … guilty of child abuse, that … Read More

How You Can Make a Difference in This Critical Turning Point in American History

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You know the truth: Our culture has been heading in the wrong direction. Christians experience unfair violations of religious freedom, and it continues. The media, the education system, and the Deep State fight to make our future worse. It’s terrifying. We see politics that threaten to persecute us as followers of Christ. We have our values mocked. Our social and … Read More