School Indoctrination: Forcing Kids to Pray and Praise Aztec and Mayan Gods

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Across America, children from kindergarten to 12th grade are being indoctrinated. Teachers trained in college to teach Critical Race Theory (CRT), radical climate change paranoia, socialist economics and ideology, and anti-American history are also taught. But so are false religions. For example, in California, the State Board of Education has imposed in the textbooks and curriculum Aztec, Mayan and African … Read More

Audience Surprised: I Just Got Off the Air on the Bureaucratic Assault on Freedom Failing, Indoctrination of Government Schools [Listen Now]

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I recently got off the air with Jimmy Barrett where I discussed the bureaucratic assault on liberty and the failing of government-run schools. You can listen to the short 17-minute interview by clicking here. Here are a few of the key points I discussed: What our nation stands for – individual liberty – is being destroyed What we are seeing … Read More

“None” Becomes Harvard University’s Head Chaplain…That’s a Sign of the Times

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Nones are the fastest-growing segment of America. Nones are also becoming the fastest-growing segment of voters‚Ķvoting anti-family values and pro-socialists around 90% of the time. Nones are those who do not believe in Christianity‚Ķor any other religion. They are not Christian. They are not Jewish. They are not Hindu. They are not Buddhist. They are nothing. Their philosophy is, “You … Read More