The Church in Action: Paying Off Medical Debt

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Over 4,000 families in a Texas community owed more than $10.5 million in medical bills… They couldn’t afford to pay those bills… So … what happened? Covenant Church in Carrollton, Texas, paid them. The church focused especially on helping local veterans who had been injured while on duty. This congregation believes that faith is not just intellectual belief in the … Read More

The Minimum Wage: Good Intentions…Destructive Consequences [Video]

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On the surface, an increase in the minimum wage sounds good… But the unintended consequences are devastating. As a business owner and economic expert, I can tell what happens when the minimum wage arbitrarily goes up: It eliminates jobs. It hurts students looking for year-round part-time or summer full-time jobs. It reduces or eliminates entry-level job training. It destroys many … Read More

Tsunami: Special Interests and Media Fighting Against – and Lying About – Tax Reform [Video]

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Don’t believe the special interest lies or the media distortions. You … and all Americans … will benefit from tax reform. The average American family will get a $4,000 raise under President Trump’s proposed tax reform plan. Just by reducing the top corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 20 percent will BOOST middle-class incomes substantially. And it will set … Read More

FreedomFest: Amazing Business Investments and Political Conference [Video]

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I will be a speaker again at the upcoming FreedomFest conference. I hope you can join me. The event takes place July 19-22, headquartered at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. I’ll be with conservative radio and TV personality Larry Elder (the “Sage of South Central”), plus film critic and radio show host Michael Medved. FreedomFest features controversial undercover journalist … Read More

Pastors, Ethics, and honesty

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There are many liberal progressive pastors who are proclaiming half-truths and even fiction to make political points. You see them in action from the pulpit. From their Facebook and twitter posts. At rallies. And they are very visible on TV. And it’s sad. Probably just as sad is the fact that conservative and evangelical pastors rarely are invited and rarely … Read More