How Big Government is Destroying Individual Freedom and Religious Protections [Craig Interview on Coercive Government]

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I just got off the airwaves with Pat Miller where we talk about how the coercive power of government is impacting you and your family. You can listen to it here. It’s about 7-minutes long. Click HERE. Here are a few things we discussed: A dangerous bill: H.R. 1 federalizes elections in America – it takes away the states’ rights and … Read More

Finally…here is some satire/comedy from controversial J.P. Sears

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J.P. Sears is funny…sometimes a little rough. Here he is doing news stories revolving around the controversies of Dr. Fauci, COVID, Wuhan lab origins and more… Great comedians use truth and humor to make powerful points… and he did a great job. Take a look by clicking HERE. Incidentally, J.P. Sears will be at FreedomFest where you will be able to … Read More

Political Corruption and the Big Lie vs. Revival: My Surprising Interview Every Christian Should Hear Outlining the Solution and Hope Ahead for America

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What happened was shocking…and disturbing. I outlined one of the biggest political corruption scandals in the U.S. ever – ignored by the biased media and social posts. You see, I just got off a nationwide interview with veteran broadcaster Bill Martinez. The broadcast began with talking about the corruption of the America First Act. I started the broadcast off with … Read More