Lockdown Disneyland? It’s Not About Public Health if the “Cure” is Worse than the Disease

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Disneyland is a perfect example of the moral, economic and scientific bankruptcy of a lockdown. It’s not about “public health” regardless of what the self-proclaimed “experts” say. It’s not about keeping you safe regardless of what California Governor Gavin Newsom says. It’s about keeping everyone in fear… It’s about keeping everyone under control… Disney theme parks are open in Tokyo, … Read More

The Real Reason for the Lockdown: It’s Power and Money, Not Health or Science

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Across America, pro-socialist governors and mayors are imposing destructive polices that are destroying businesses, jobs, religious freedom, individual choice, education…life. The Democrat pro-socialist governors are all instituting a new lockdown based upon false data and false premises. Why are they doing this? They are doing this because it’s perfect timing for President-elect Biden to take office and Congress to act … Read More

Post-Election Conference for Investing, the Economy and Politics

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I’ll be speaking this upcoming weekend on The New Political Reality:  12 Surprising Post-election Changes Impacting our Culture, our Economy and the Next Election. It’s at a conference in Las Vegas, put on by economist and investment newsletter writer, Mark Skousen. He just wrote an article that appeared in the paid subscription newsletter called, “2020: A Turning Point in America?” … Read More

Watch My Latest Interview: The Economy and the Election 2020

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I just got off an interview with Dr. Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point about the economy and the Election 2020-and the major difference in approach to the economy. You can see it here. A few of the issues we covered:  The pandemic and the lockdown Red states vs. Blue states Free enterprise system Freedom and the economy And much more. To watch the interview, click here. Then, send … Read More

How Democratic Socialist are Destroying the Cities [Must see video on San Francisco]

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Across America, socialist policies in the cities have failed. This is very self-evident in Democratic socialist ran cities. The crime. The homeless. The poverty. All are a result of a collectivist, or statist ideology…socialism. Take San Francisco. Corruption. Incompetence and failed socialist ideas have destroyed city life. Housing. Cost of living. Traffic. Services. Its failed policies and bureaucracies are destroying … Read More

The Cry of God’s People [Video]

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They are in pain. Why? Because politicians and bureaucrats have shut down 67% of all churches. In some states churches are open just like they were before the pandemic. Some states are enforcing masks or social distancing, or requiring outdoor services only. Some states are shutting down all church attendance in large gatherings. I have gone to church services – … Read More

Critical Questions: Should the Federal Government Bail Out State and Local Governments?

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6 Critical Questions: Should the Federal Government Bail Out State and Local Governments? Some state and local governments are asking for taxpayers to rescue them from a financial crisis. For example, California and New York have racked up historic debt. Florida and Texas on the other hand are not in a financial crisis. So, should states like California and New … Read More