Election Tools to Help You Vote Your Values: Update

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The 2018 midterm election is next week … and it’s the most important midterm election of your lifetime! If the progressive Democrats take over the House and the Senate, everything President Trump has accomplished for the country in the past 2 years: Appointing judges who interpret the constitutionality of laws according to the original meaning and intention of the Constitution … Read More

The Media Isn’t Telling You the Truth about How the Deep State Is Hurting You and Your Family

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  The media isn’t telling you the truth about how the Deep State is hurting you and your family.   The Deep State seems to be confusing to most people I talk to.   Whether I’m on the radio or TV … speaking at a group … or one on one … there’s a lot of misunderstanding and purposeful confusion … Read More

The Amazing Job and Wage Machine: 7 Things You Should Know About Today’s Current Economy That You’ll Never Hear in the Media

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There’s been an incredible turnaround in the economy since the beginning of 2017. The secret to this growth is what President Trump and the Republican Congress have done: They have dramatically lowered taxes. They have dramatically decreased regulations. It was the taxes and regulations that killed the economy under President Obama. Here are 7 things you should know about today’s … Read More

Join Me Next Week at FreedomFest!

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I’ll be speaking on The Deep State: 12 Surprising Dangers You Should Know. Also speaking with me will be Senator Mike Lee – on President Trump’s short list for nomination to the Supreme Court. He will talk about the monumental significance of the next Supreme Court nominee … and some insider appointment insights. Also joining me among over 100 speakers: … Read More

For Christian Business Owners Only…

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If you are a Christian business owner – or know of one – please read this closely. As a Christian and a business owner of more than 40 years, I know that your faith isn’t something you just do on Sunday mornings at church. Your faith is meant to be lived out in the workplace – in the businesses you … Read More