Progressive Heads Spin as President Trump Does the Impossible: Tax Cuts and Deregulation Spark Historic Economic Boom

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President Trump has accomplished the impossible… He has delivered historic economic results for hard-working Americans of all races and ethnic backgrounds… And the progressive media refuses to acknowledge and report the amazing economic news. What news? Wages and salaries increased 0.9% in the 3rd quarter this year … surpassing expectations … and raising the yearly increase to 3.1%. This is … Read More

Wildfire Myths and Distortions: 8 Disturbing Things You Need to Know About the Politicization of a Tragedy

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The nation is saddened as we hear about loss of life and people’s homes during devastating wildfires. California, for example, has become a nightmare. Many churches as well as businesses and historic structures have been destroyed. President Trump sent his condolences, but at the same time attacked the fact that forest mismanagement has been going on in California. This prompted … Read More

Football Players’ Spontaneous and Surprise Prayer for President Trump [Video]

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It was a spontaneous time of public prayer for President Trump… It happened during the traditional, annual White House visit of the college football team that has won that year’s national championship. The 2018 national championship was won by the University of Alabama in an exciting, dramatic overtime game last January. After presenting the president with an Alabama football team … Read More

Media Goes Ballistic Over President Trump’s Message to Christians: 7 Surprising Things You Should Know

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President Trump recently invited America’s leading evangelical pastors and leaders to the White House for a special dinner. The media took exception to this event and attacked the president for catering to Christians … and for using a single word during his talk with them. The left went ballistic over this word… Here are 7 things you should know about … Read More

Trump: Time to Privatize the Post Office?

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The United States Postal Service is appallingly dysfunctional.   It wastes your tax dollars with inefficient business practices and wasteful spending… It’s headed towards a $65 billion taxpayer bailout… And, typical of any bureaucracy, it’s resistant to any sort of change or positive progress…   Now, President Trump is taking action against the incompetency and wastefulness of the USPS, proposing … Read More

Why So Many Have Gone Ballistic Over the Trump-Putin Summit: 7 Things Every Christian Should Know [Videos]

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President Trump met with Vladimir Putin of Russia… And the media and Trump opponents went ballistic. After the 2-hour private meeting –with only translators present – a joint news conference with Trump and Putin took place in Helsinki. President Trump issued some terrible sound bites during that news conference … and the media swooped in for the kill. He later … Read More

Bigoted Truth Against Christians: Supreme Court Nomination Filled with Hate Speech from Washington and the Progressive Media

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If you listen to the politicians or the progressive media, they are going ballistic – including attacking Christians for their faith… It’s sad that in America – the beacon of religious liberty – the progressives hate … and are so intolerant of … those with Christian beliefs. A good example of this is Senator Dianne Feinstein, who said, “Dogma and … Read More