Transforming America: Purging Conservatives, Libertarians and Christians From the Military [Video]

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President Biden has appointed radical, pro-Socialists bureaucrats across the entire federal bureaucracy. And that includes the Pentagon. And it’s ultimate goal is a “cleansing” of the military from conservatives, libertarians and Christians. And the recruiting of “social justice” pro-Socialist military. A dangerous effort that is currently underway at the Pentagon This is not just the woke military stuff you have … Read More

7 Things They Want to Do to “Domestic Terrorists” – Including You

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“Domestic terrorist”…are you one? I’ve been told I’m one. But no one using this derogatory term ever defines it. For example, “Domestic terrorism” by Joe Biden’s top national security team is America’s #1 threat. But they haven’t yet defined what a “domestic terrorist” is… The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has set as its priority to go after “Domestic Terrorist” … Read More

Trump’s Second Impeachment: 11 Little-Known Facts Every American Should Know

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Impeachment… an unprecedented second time for former President Trump… Many are confused about: Whether there should be an impeachment trial against former President Trump. Whether it’s constitutional to impeach a president who is no longer in office. Whether Trump is innocent or guilty of the accusation against him. Central to all three of the questions above is this: Was President … Read More