7 Shocking Revelations the Media Ignores About Deep State Corruption and Russia [Videos + Petition]

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Don’t be fooled. The media is ignoring or distorting the most shocking revelations about the Russian investigation. Here are 7 shocking revelations you won’t see or read in the mainstream media or Facebook. America’s Intelligence Agencies Are Spying on Americans: We know the U.S. intelligence agencies are collecting metadata on Americans, contrary to the right to privacy granted by the … Read More

Stop the Deep State’s Invasion of Your Privacy: Kill FISA Now [Video + Petition]

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The Russia collusion. It’s a dead-end conspiracy theory the Left has championed since Trump won the presidency. It’s born from illegal surveillance of Trump team members by the Obama administration. It is a political fishing expedition, made possible by secretive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrants. It’s all rather hush hush. Warrants for surveillance are issued in secret by a … Read More

Deep State: Creating a Religious Freedom Assault

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Churches, ministries and the “independent” sector of secular volunteers mobilized to help hurricane victims. But the Deep State bureaucrats in FEMA choose to discriminate unconstitutionally against the Christians. If a church provides the same relief to Hurricane victims as a secular group and needs assistance to rebuild from costly destruction of its facilities: The secular group is entitled to FEMA … Read More