Socialism vs. Capitalism: The Philosophy of Failure Gaining Popularity over the Philosophy of Success [Video]

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Socialism is rapidly growing in popularity in the U.S. – especially among Millennials and Generation Z Americans. Why? It’s largely due to: Socialist propaganda in schools and in colleges. Socialist propaganda in the media. Socialist propaganda of politicians enticing people with talk of free college tuition and free health care for all. A Harris Poll from March 2019 found that … Read More

Attack on Freedom of Speech: Big Tech’s Latest Authoritarian Move to End Free Speech for Conservatives, Libertarians and Christians

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Censorship of conservative, libertarian and Christian values and viewpoints by Big Tech – Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter – is nothing new. It’s been going on for a long time … and it’s been accomplished in a variety of ways. Google – by manipulating their secret and proprietary search engine algorithm – routinely buries conservative web sites and content far … Read More

Biden’s Secret Army Exposed in My Book on the Deep State

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I recently did a media interview about Joe Biden’s “secret army” – the Senior Executive Service (SES). This elite group is now fully helping Joe Biden transform our politics, government and culture. The SES is a select group of 8,000 high-level senior civil service employees in the U.S. Civil Service. Most people don’t know that the Civil Service is independent … Read More

COVID-19 Vaccinations: Victim of Government Bureaucracy [3 Reasons the Media Won’t Tell You]

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More than 27 million doses of the vaccination have been created. But only 33.7% of the doses have been given out. Some vaccinations have been in the freezer too long and have been destroyed. What is the problem? It’s the bureaucracy, an example of governmental control and Socialism at work. We often refer to this as the Deep State, meaning … Read More

20 Surprising Reasons the 2020 Presidential Election is Being Contested

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The 2020 presidential election drama isn’t over. Despite overwhelming evidence of massive voter fraud and election theft: The media says it’s over… Biden and the Democrats say it’s over… Social media is censoring all news about election fraud. But Biden is not yet president until he is inaugurated on January 20th. And he cannot be inaugurated on January 20th unless … Read More

The Deep State: What Christians Can Expect in the Upcoming 12 Months [TV Interview with Craig]

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Watch my tv interview with attorney Brad Dacus of the Pacific Justice Institute. He interviews me about little known facts and manipulations by the Deep State, whose operatives are not only in control of key government posts but are now encouraged by the election. What they are encouraged to do will be an historic assault on people of faith and … Read More

Our Voter Guide Is Being Censored…And Also Our Newsletter

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I have been writing about the censorship that has occurred against us by YouTube, Twitter, and Google.  They have also censored the Pacific Justice Institute, Dennis Prager and other conservative Christian and Libertarian groups. Now we have proof after many complaints from subscribers who have been censored and haven’t been able to access the websites for our newsletters. Our tech … Read More