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Finally, Christmas is coming. Most people love the traditional Christmas songs. But I think you’ll like the new one. Matthew West wrote the song “The Hope of Christmas.” He says “I see a world reeling from the turmoil of a pandemic, political divides, and racial tension. I’ve always felt that my calling as a songwriter is to extract that hope … Read More

Celebrate Thanksgiving with Abraham Lincoln’s Proclamation: American Time of Death, Destruction and Fear

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As Thanksgiving approaches, bless someone with Abraham Lincoln’s “Thanksgiving Proclamation.” Some of our readers may wish to read part or all at your Thanksgiving dinner…if that’s “legal” in your community. President Lincoln gave this at one of the worst years in American history – with death, destruction and fear for the future. See the proclamation below: Washington, D.C.October 3, 1863 By … Read More

Pandemic Evangelism: Using Digital Strategies to Spread the Gospel [3 Things You Should Know]

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And this has opened a powerful opportunity for people to be told about the hope of the good news of Jesus Christ: to repent, ask for forgiveness of their sins and accept Christ as their personal savior. And one of the best ways to reach people is with digital advertising. Global Media Outreach (GMO) has a new, powerful digital campaign. … Read More

2020 Election Countdown: Watch My Interview with Pastor Todd Coconato Regarding My New Book and the Most Important Election of Our Lifetime [Video]

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Last week I did an interview with Pastor Todd Coconato on his podcast. This 31-minute discussion covers: President Trump’s Coronavirus infection Vote-by-mail and what you should do The attempted manipulation of the election by Big Tech companies The non-negotiables every person should consider before voting And why I wrote my new book, The Christian Voter: 7 Non-Negotiables for Voting For, … Read More

Strategically Limiting Evil: A Voting Strategy All Christians Need to Know About

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Christians often ask me, Craig, what is the most important thing I can do this election? I always say the same thing: “With your vote, strategically limit evil.” What do I mean by that? I mean using your vote to stop: The destruction of religious freedom in America… The silencing of any voices – Christian, Conservative, or Libertarian – that … Read More


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Watch this remarkable performance of “How Great Thou Art” of Hillsong United featuring Lauren Daigle. Let me know what you think. E-mail me at