Should We leave “God” Out of Our Pledge of Allegiance: Democrat Convention Though It Was Okay [Video]

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The Pledge of Allegiance was edited at the Democrat Convention. Sometimes it was said omitting “Under God”. Once it was edited to read at the end “Someday in the future”. Back in 2010 President Obama several times omitted “Under God.” But at this convention the Socialist Democrat leadership omitted “Under God” with intent. Watch the video HERE. Let me know … Read More

Pastor Jack Hibbs: Speaks uncomfortable truth, powerful insights and the gospel to Candice Owens [video]

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Candice Owens is a lightning rod. And so is pastor Jack Hibbs. Not long ago I wrote about Jack’s church service Shelly and I went to… “Illegally”. Click to read it here. The 46-minute video is powerful, encouraging and filled with hope… it exposes the hypocrisy, lies, and evil being proclaimed today as justice, truth and good. Watch it here. … Read More

NBC Attacks Christian Pitcher: Says “False Christian” Because He Stood Instead of Kneeling During National Anthem

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San Francisco Giants pitcher Sam Coonrod refused to take a knee protesting police brutality during the national anthem on opening day. The rest of the players and staff from both teams kneeled in protest of the police and racial discrimination. Why did he not kneel? Because he said as a Christian, he was uncomfortable with kneeling before anything or anyone … Read More

I Just Left the TV Studio…

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You see, I was on national television talking about little known trends and dangers you will not hear in the biased press or media. The topics involved you, your family, your church, and the future of America. Some of the key issues that I shocked the host and audience with were: The devastating economic consequences by the political government shutdown. … Read More


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Here is the Babylonian bee with a great satire based on truth…Enjoy! What do you think? Let me know at

67% of Churches Nationally Are Still Unfairly Shut Down – But, Hundreds Are Open Illegally – I Went to One Last Week (See the video).

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I went to church illegally in California a month ago.   I went to church illegally again in Maine last week. Both illegal churches were packed out. Both had sanitation programs in place. Both allowed the attendees to wear masks if they wanted.  90% did not. And the churches were alive with powerful worship, teaching, and fellowship. But it was … Read More