“NONES” on the Rise: Our Post-Christian Culture and the Church [Video]

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“Nones” – those who don’t believe in any religion – are growing faster today than any other religious group or worldview. Dr. Robert Jeffress, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Dallas, points out that even as the number of those who specify “None” for their religious affiliation increases, churches that preach the Word of God unapologetically are booming. Watch … Read More

Please Help Us Prepare Our 2020 Voter Guide [Video]

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If you’ve used our voter guide in the past, you know how valuable it is…   More than 800,000 voters used it in 2018 … and right now it contains some special election recommendation recommendations.   We cover local election candidates all the way up to presidential candidates, intensely researching every candidate so you will have confidence in who to … Read More

Racism in America: Is it Permanently Embedded in our Culture? [Video]

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If you disagree with certain people, you are labeled a racist. The term is being used daily to falsely label and attack people. The “racist card” is used increasingly to create victimhood for ethnic minorities … and to promote the identity politics that results from that characterization. Former president Barack Obama believes racism is so embedded in American culture that … Read More

Clash of Worldviews: 7 Ways Pro-Life High Schoolers Demonstrate “A Dangerous New Reality” [must-see video on how two people view the same facts differently]

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The media and politicians are creating a nation with two opposing views of reality… And the two different realities are based on ideology, not truth. The media falsely accused pro-life high school students wearing “Make America Great Again” hats of racism and disrespect – and few apologized for rushing to judgement about it. The students were at the pro-life march … Read More

Shocker: Google Using Hate Group List to Censor Content [Petition]

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Google has been long suspected of manipulating its search engine algorithm to hide content from conservative, Christian, and libertarian sources – in effect, censoring their content. Countless examples of apparently biased political and religious search engine results have been cited to bolster the allegations of censorship. We have written about Google bias here and here. And Dennis Prager has filed … Read More

Should Christian Singer Lauren Daigle Be Condemned by the Christian Media for Not Calling Homosexuality a Sin: 7 Factors to Consider [Video/Audio]

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I recently told you about the popular new Christian singing sensation Lauren Daigle appearing on The Ellen Show and singing her hit song “Still Rolling Stones” from her new album Look Up Child.   See the article here.   It was a powerful Christian testimony, not just to Ellen DeGeneres, but also to everyone in the studio audience … and … Read More