Church “Ballot Harvesting:” What It Is and Why Evangelicals Must Use the Strategy in the 2020 Elections [Video]

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It’s not a violation of the “separation of church and state.” It doesn’t put churches in jeopardy of losing their tax-exempt status with the IRS. It’s not a difficult strategy to implement… It just takes Christians working together who care about what happens in next year’s primary elections in the spring … and in the general election in the fall. … Read More

Christian Dilemma: Protecting the Forgotten Believers in Syria – Four Things You Should Know

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Christians in Syria are now facing another danger… Pastor Andrew Brunson – the American pastor who was falsely imprisoned in Turkey for 2 years – wants you to know what is happening … and how we as Christians should be praying for the situation. Recognize that President Trump is being hammered by the politicians and by the media for his … Read More

Judges: Who Should You Vote for in the Upcoming Election?

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No organization except Election Forum: Reviews judges Evaluates judges Rates judges Selecting judges is one of the most important votes you can make in the upcoming election. It’s the judges who tried to outlaw homeschooling. It’s the judges who have tried to take away religious liberty. It’s the judges that have stopped our pro-life efforts with legislation. Instead of interpreting … Read More

Kanye West: Spiritual Transformation Impacting Thousands Despite Huge Pushback [Videos]

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Kanye West has become an evangelist for Jesus Christ. Despite opposition and outrage, he is preaching the need for repentance, forgiveness and cleansing of sin by the blood of Jesus Christ. I wrote about his Sunday Service gospel concerts here. Now it’s his teaching… Watch this powerful video of Kanye West sharing his personal testimony at one of his Sunday … Read More

Transforming the 2020 Election Outcome: How to Motivate Evangelicals to Vote in Record Numbers

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Out of the 80 million evangelical Christian voters in the U.S., only 26% of them voted in the 2018 midterm elections. That’s appalling. If we Christians don’t exercise our civic duty and vote in every election, we deserve whatever brand of socialistic local and state government we get. It’s critical that ALL evangelical Christians vote in the 2020 primaries next … Read More

Transformed by the Power of Christ: College Football Star Becomes Meth Addict, then Finds God in Prison [Videos]

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Damon West had it all… He grew up in a loving Christian home in Texas… He was the star quarterback for the University of North Texas… But then his football career ended suddenly due to a shoulder injury … and his life gradually spiraled out of control. Damon first developed a dependency on prescription drugs. Eventually he began dabbling in … Read More

The Power of Christ to Transform Lives: The Daryl Strawberry Story [Video]

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He was a Hall-of-Fame Major League Baseball player… He was voted onto the All-Star team 8 times… He was a 4-time World Series champion… And he was addicted to drugs and alcohol. His drug addiction consumed his life and impacted the latter half of his baseball career … as well as causing 2 failed marriages, a string of arrests, imprisonment … Read More