Revival Among Youth…How God is Moving Despite the Failures of Government, Pastors and Churches

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Across America, spontaneous gatherings of Christians are happening where people are accepting Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. At a time when churches are locked down in so many states… At a time when churches have drastically downsized their outreach… At a time when Christians cannot legally gather together in large groups… That’s where Christians are fulfilling their call to … Read More

Georgia “Pastor” Promotes Socialism, Attacks Religious Liberty, is Pro-Abortion, and Hates Israel … and He Could Be the Senator that Changes America (Why Georgia Determines the Next Four Years)

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Georgia is the key to what will be happening to our freedom and economy in the next four years… This is not about Republican or Democrat. It’s about the survival of America. It’s about stopping Socialism. It’s about protecting the unborn. It’s about defending Israel. It’s about stopping the assault on religious liberty. The U.S. Senate race – putting two … Read More

God at Work: President Trump’s Faith [3 Key Revelations]

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President Trump was recently asked about his Christian faith. It stirred a lot of controversy. President Trump has surrounded himself with Christian leaders. He has implemented Christian policies. Everybody approved of the Supreme Court nominations, the pro-life stance, the persecuted church stance, pro-Israel position, religious liberty protections and more. The White House is filled with prayer and Bible studies. Vice … Read More

Pastors and Christians of Georgia Hold the Future in Their Vote – But They Are Being Misled

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The Republicans and Democrats are in a historic fight that will determine the future for the next four years. Two Senate seats in Georgia hold the key to protecting our values. And it’s pastors and Christians that can make a difference. That’s why we are the only effort aimed Pastors, Church leaders and Christians to vote for and not against … Read More

The War on Christmas and the Indifference of Most [3 Little-Known Things You Should Know and 3 Powerful Things to Do]

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For years we have seen the war on Christmas escalate… For years we have seen Christmas become more and more secularized… For years we’ve seen the real story of Christmas fade into the background … almost to the point of disappearing altogether. Many in the business world have ordered employers and advertising to ban any mention of the word Christmas. … Read More

U.S. Supreme Court Victory: 7 Things Every Christian Should Know About Opening Up the Churches

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The Supreme Court has just ruled in favor of religious liberty. Churches, based on the U.S. Constitution, cannot be closed during a lockdown. It’s not a complete victory. But it’s close. Let me explain. The Supreme Court ruling in a New York case laid the foundation for opening all churches to inhouse services. The Supreme Court in a 5-4 split … Read More