Haiti: Captured Missionaries Finally Free

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After several months of captivity, the missionaries captured in Haiti are now free. Praise God! Thank you so much for all your prayers. More details of what happened will soon come. But in the meantime, continue to pray for other people who have been kidnapped, including Christians and pastors. Continue to pray for the Christians ministering in Haiti, and continue … Read More

Persecution of Christians Worldwide Escalates…and President Now Abandons Christians in Nigeria

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Christians in Nigeria are stunned by President Biden’s betrayal. So are Christians in America. In fact, 47 faith groups have called on President Biden’s administration to reverse its decision to ignore Nigerian Christians in the face of genocide. The Biden administration removed Nigeria from its listing of countries allowing religious discrimination, including mass genocide of Christians. 2021 has seen massacres … Read More

Haiti Kidnapping Update: 2 Missionaries Released, 15 More To Go – 4 Things You Should Know

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Christian missionaries kidnapped in Haiti, still need your prayers and letters. We are glad to report two have been released. To read the full story of what happened, read “17 Christians Kidnapped – Including Children: 7 Realities the Media Isn’t Telling You”  and “17 American Christian Missionaries Kidnapped: Why is Biden Ignoring Them? 4 Things You Should Know”. Here are … Read More