The Destruction of the U.S. Military [Video]

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The U.S. military has been purging and discriminating against conservative, libertarians and Christians since Biden came into power. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is transforming the military for ideological purity: turning the military into a socialist/secular tool. For example, the abuse and denials of religious exemptions for the covid vaccination has been disgraceful and unconstitutional. Congressman Matt Gaetz did a great … Read More

Who is Really Running America? [Controversial National Broadcast]

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Who is really running America? Who is making the decisions? I just got off a controversial national radio/podcast with Bill Martinez, answering the question and shocking the audience. Here are a few highlights: We are experiencing a brokenness coming out of Washington D.C – as well as from state and local government. We have an ideologically driven government in D.C. … Read More

Christians are the Most Persecuted Faith in the World

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According to the Pew Christin Research Center, Christians in 153 countries face varying degrees of discrimination, violence and death. Sadly, few pastors talk about it. The media ignores it. And the politicians mostly don’t care. In communist countries, like Cuba, China and North Korea, the communist leaders are made out to be gods and socialism – their religion. Right now … Read More