Genocide Ahead! Taliban Hunting for Christians: 7 Things Every Christian Should Know [Video and What You Can Do]

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With the Taliban in control of Afghanistan, Christians are now being hunted down. Here are 7 things you should know, what you can do and a powerful must-see video from Franklin Graham. 1. The underground church and individual Christians are in danger for their lives. Christians are fleeing in Afghanistan. If they live in the city, they are fleeing to the … Read More

Must See Interview! Christians and the Upcoming Election – Including the 7 Non-Negotiables for Every Christian, The Power of the Christian Vote and Revival, Church Ballot Harvesting and Much More

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I was just interviewed by Jason Yates with My Faith Votes. You can watch it HERE. You’ll love our discussion of the Christian mission to pray, think Biblically and vote consistently based on a Christian worldview. We discuss how a Christian should vote. What the key non-negotiables are for Christians to determine who to vote for…and against. Plus you’ll learn … Read More

How Radical Groups Get Their Funding – Millions of Dollars to Change America for the Worst

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Across America, the corporations, entertainment industry, and foundations have been funding radical, pro-Socialist, anti-Christian organizations. Many of these are Marxist – even violent – organizations. Take for example the latest move by the Los Angeles Super Bowl host committee. The NFL shocked America and sports fans a few years ago. We wrote about how they established a “social justice” program … Read More