Judges: Who Should You Vote for in the Upcoming Election?

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No organization except Election Forum: Reviews judges Evaluates judges Rates judges Selecting judges is one of the most important votes you can make in the upcoming election. It’s the judges who tried to outlaw homeschooling. It’s the judges who have tried to take away religious liberty. It’s the judges that have stopped our pro-life efforts with legislation. Instead of interpreting … Read More

Will I Be at Your Church or Group?

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I just finished a talk at Calvary Chapel Golden Springs, the Republican Women Federated Club, and Eagle Forum. Plus, I just spoke to the Huntington Valley Baptist Church. We had great crowds at all these events. I’d love to help inform, mobilize and energize your church or group. Here are Shelly’s and my current topics: Sunday Morning Worship Service How … Read More

Fact or Fiction: Will Tax Reform Help … or Hurt You?

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Don’t believe the social and mainstream media’s liberal-driven agenda denouncing President Trump’s tax reform plan. It is fiction. Once more the progressive pro-socialistic politicians and media are portraying tax cuts as only benefiting the rich. Here is the true fact: These tax reforms will benefit everyone. Let’s look at the reality. First, it puts more money in your pocket … … Read More

Shocking: America’s National Debt Is Over $20 Trillion … and Rising [Video]

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The national debt shot over $20 trillion. This is shocking, considering what it can mean to you and your family. And what the Word of God says about debt. It means we are paying China, the banks and Wall Street massive interest payments. This money should be used for paying for our military and security, justice and infrastructure. Our national … Read More

Heads Spin: Trump Shocks Pastors, the UN and Liberals on Socialism [Video]

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Socialism just doesn’t work. Too many: Pastors Professors at Christian colleges Theology students Christian lay people … Have been misled by the media, lack of economic understanding, and teachings that socialism is good … usually with the provision if only socialism was done right. As President Trump said in his UN speech, “The corrupt regime imposes a failed ideology that … Read More

Tax Reform: Now to Create Jobs, Raise Wages and Grow Innovations and Technology

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Major tax reform is critical to you, your family and to fueling our country’s economy: As a business owner who has helped create thousands of new jobs and create new careers and business, I can tell you, taxes are killing us right now. If the politicians and special interests would get out of the way … Taxes, both business and … Read More

Crowdfunding to Raising Capital: How to Advertise and Market to Active Investors [New Webinar]

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As you may know, I own an ad agency. And I will be giving a special webinar on raising capital. If you’re a business owner and need $5 million to $50 million, or want to go public, you should watch. One of the most exciting ways private companies are raising money from investors is by using an integrated multi-channel approach … Read More