Undermining Democracy from Within: The Chilling Effects of the Deep State Resistance Movement [Video]

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The mainstream media won’t tell you what’s going on… The politicians are ignoring the problem… But the chilling effects of both current and former career government bureaucrats – the Deep State resistance movement – are being exposed. The effects are far more devastating than any foreign influence in our elections could ever be… The effects on our democracy of the … Read More

The Media Isn’t Telling You the Truth about How the Deep State Is Hurting You and Your Family

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  The media isn’t telling you the truth about how the Deep State is hurting you and your family.   The Deep State seems to be confusing to most people I talk to.   Whether I’m on the radio or TV … speaking at a group … or one on one … there’s a lot of misunderstanding and purposeful confusion … Read More

Deep State Shocker: The Hidden Face of the Deep State Resistance Movement within the Federal Government Is Finally Exposed [Videos]

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The Deep State – a.k.a. “The Swamp” – is in full-blown panic mode… The more it attempts to secretly work from inside federal government agencies to neutralize President Trump … and thwart his agenda … the more its corruption and subversion is being exposed. The latest: President Trump has finally ordered the declassification and public release of the FISA court … Read More

Obamacare Repeal Shocker: Franklin Graham & 4 Shocking Truths to cut through the media and Facebook lies & distortion [video]

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Here are 4 shocking truths about the stunning failure to Repeal and Replace Obamacare and next steps that should be taken to improve everyone’s healthcare. Obamacare is hurting our healthcare in America and must be repealed. Sky rocketing premiums, unreasonable deductibles, shrinking choices, people losing their coverage, lost jobs and stagnant and deteriorating care run by bureaucrats is facing escalating … Read More

Pastors’ Free Speech Protection Coming Soon? (Petition)

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Pastors in America do not have full freedom of speech. That’s right. Pastors cannot say legally what they want … because of a little-known law called the Johnson Amendment. The pastors censor themselves for fear of losing their tax-exemption status. But historically, the pastor has been the moral conscience of society—until that amendment was passed in 1954. As a candidate, … Read More

Judge Neil Gorsuch: Historic Unfair Attacks (Radio Interview and Petition)

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Judicial activism has been transforming our nation for the worst. But that could change soon. Neil Gorsuch will be a great Supreme Court Justice. But liberals and the media are putting up a huge fight to kill his nomination. They are getting a million petition signers to oppose him. Help me show Judge Gorsuch that he has more support behind … Read More

10  Things You Need to Know About Trump’s Travel Ban and Federal Court Cases [Judicial Activism]

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10  Things You Need to Know About Trump’s Travel Ban and Federal Court Cases [Judicial Activism]

Many people are confused about the controversial court proceedings on President Trump’s travel moratorium. Here is what you should know, that you won’t hear or see on the biased media or fake online news. Judicial activists try to stop President Trump’s executive order.Following a lawsuit from the Washington State Attorney general, a Washington State federal judge decided to impose his … Read More