Will I Be at Your Church or Group?

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I just finished a talk at Calvary Chapel Golden Springs, the Republican Women Federated Club, and Eagle Forum. Plus, I just spoke to the Huntington Valley Baptist Church. We had great crowds at all these events. I’d love to help inform, mobilize and energize your church or group. Here are Shelly’s and my current topics: Sunday Morning Worship Service How … Read More

Media Hysteria: Christians Praying for Trump ‘Stunning’ and ‘Strange’ [Video]

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When evangelical leaders gathered to pray for our President, CNN’s Erin Burnett thought it “stunning” and “very strange.” Previewing the segment, she said “And next, a pretty stunning image. Let me just give you a quick peek of it. The president bowing his head in prayer in the Oval Office and all these people sort of touching him. It’s very … Read More