Crisis at the Southern Border: Tears, Emotion, and Truth: 7 Things Every Christian Should Know [Video]

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As Christians, we must stand on high moral ground. When we see wrong, we must expose the wrong with the truth. When falsehood is spread, truth must be articulated. When the government does wrong, people of conscience must stand and proclaim what is right. It’s not Republican. It’s not Democrat. It’s what is right. The confusion that exists over what … Read More

Update on Cory: Shot 5 Times [Videos]

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Five days after Shelly’s and my son Cory was shot by gang bangers in a robbery attempt, I gave the message – by God’s grace – at the Sunday morning worship service at Calvary Chapel Montebello (The Arc). I spoke of tragedy, trauma and hope … In fact, my sermon title was “Hope When Your World is Turned Upside Down.” … Read More

The #1 Reason Christians Supported Trump: A New Supreme Court

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The first Supreme Court judge appointed to the bench is Neil Gorsuch, a supporter of religious freedom and a strict Constitutionalist, not a judicial activist. That’s the #1 reason so many evangelicals supported Trump which gave him the margin of victory to win. Trump kept his promise.

Election 2016 Preview: Making Sense of Tuesday

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Election 2016 Preview: Making Sense of Tuesday

What can we look forward to tomorrow? How will the Electoral College play out for the Presidential candidates? Who will win the White House? And what about the US Senate and the House of Representatives? So far … Hillary Clinton has had the advantage, since the states with large shares of electoral votes are falling into her column already: California, … Read More

New Liberal Assault: The Six Disturbing Steps to the Death Christian Colleges in America

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New Liberal Assault: The Six Disturbing Steps to the Death Christian Colleges in America

Under the radar of most Christians is the assault by the Left against Christian Colleges. The Left not only wants everyone to accept LGBT moral standards, but force everyone who disagrees to accept them. Currently, they are following a cunning, abusive process to destroy all Christian education, and they started their movement in California. Here are the six steps that … Read More

Shi’ite vs. Sunni Islam: The Differences You Need to Know

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Shi’ite vs. Sunni Islam: The Differences You Need to Know

Islam. More than 1 billion people worship Allah and revere his prophet Muhammad. It’s one of the fastest growing religions in the world. Supporters claim that this religion is a religion of peace. But Christianity is the Religious of peace, the Prince of Peace. Much of Islam focuses on anger and hate. Christianity focuses on peace and love. The majority … Read More