Judges: Who Should You Vote for in the Upcoming Election?

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No organization except Election Forum: Reviews judges Evaluates judges Rates judges Selecting judges is one of the most important votes you can make in the upcoming election. It’s the judges who tried to outlaw homeschooling. It’s the judges who have tried to take away religious liberty. It’s the judges that have stopped our pro-life efforts with legislation. Instead of interpreting … Read More

You’re Fired: How a Government Agency Blew $111.5 Million of Tax Money—And Thinks it’s Great.

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They spent $111.5 million on advertising and marketing and lost 30,000 customers. As a President of an ad agency, they should all be fired. Typical of a bureaucracy, they think it’s great. And they want more tax money. Since they are unaccountable, the waste of tax money goes on. Let’s look at this issue-unreported-failure. Obamacare spent and wasted $10 million … Read More

Last Call: Sign Up for Advanced Marketing Boot Camp to Help You Transform Our Culture and Politics

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I’ll be giving a free advanced marketing boot camp to help train organizational presidents and marketing directors, candidates and pastors. It’s similar to what I charge $5,000 to $10,000 for corporate clients. But instead of focusing on business, the emphasis will be on how to better communicate, mobilize and engage our culture and politics. You will learn what the progressive … Read More